A bitter sweet reveal

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  1. I originally saw this bag at Nordies, wasn't totally sure if it was the one I wanted to get for my birthday and wanted to see what else was out there. After shopping all day I decided this one was it, of course on my way back to the car swung by Nordies and of course it was gone. I saw other versions of it with the textured/shiny leather and I knew the soft leather was it for me.

    I went back to Nordies a few days later and looked in their look book and they only color they showed that they had it in was green, the one I saw was black. The SA remembered the bag and was also certain that it was black. I ended up leaving empty handed. I looked around online for it and the only ones I could find either were in colors I didn't want or if they had the color I wanted they didn't have the shoulder strap. I ended up getting in contact with Valentino's Georgia location and they had one in stock. The manager was very helpful and patient with all my questions. I've had some bad experiences in the past buying bags sight unseen relying on the SA's and I wanted a ton of pics so I could be sure of what I was getting. So i finally took the plunge and placed the order for it.

    Normally I'd be thrilled that I got a package and open it ASAP. However not this time, the bitter part of this reveal is the day I received it was the same day we had to unexpectedly put our cat Chilly Willy too sleep. We took him to the vet early in the morning because he was breathing funny and acting weird for a few days and found out his condition was very poor and it was heartbreaking. I didn't want to open my birthday present, so it sat in the box for a few days before I got around to it. Normally handbags are just handbags too me but this bag will always remind me of my Chilly Willy because I got it the day he left us. I know it sounds silly but it will always be special too me because of that.



    The inside has two pockets and one zipper pocket.

    This is what it can hold plus other random junk I chose not to picture lol. The thing in the top left corner next to the book is my "rain hat" I carry when it rains. I don't care if I get wet but I don't like my glasses getting wet.

    While this bag can hold a lot I'd advise against over stuffing it as I do see a start of a small dent in the leather where the closure presses against. It doesn't bother me but I wanted to show it none the less. This most likely won't be a issue with the stiffer textured leather ones.

    Here are some mod shots I'm 5'3'' plus size



    And a pic of my late Chilly Willy.
  2. RIP Chilly Willy
  3. Beautiful bag, and thanks for showing all the details. I completely understand the pet-bag connection in this case and I'm sorry for your loss. I do hope that you will be able to use your new rockstud tote with great memories. Maybe keep a picture of Chilly Willy in an inside pocket or something as a handbag memorial.
  4. Beautiful bag!

    So sorry about your kitty. I know how sad that can be.
    If you have other kitties, be sure they don't get depressed. We had to get another one to make sure there was no depression amongst the clan. So glad we did. The new one provided healing for all of us.
  5. +1. Can not say any better.
  6. Thanks for the kind words you guys. I do plan on getting another brother for my little man Zorro. I know it's not good to have only one cat it stresses them out not having another cat friend. He's very clingy right now but he's doing better. We will probably try to go with the same people we adopted them from. They deal with feral litters, it was a really good experience.
  7. I totally understand how you feel and I'm very sorry for your loss.
    It's a beautiful Rockstud, congrats!
  8. beautiful bag! I'm so sorry about your cat!! I love mine he is only 2 and 1/2 and I can't imagine loosing him!