A BIG Thank You and My NEW ????

  1. A HUGE THANKS to Lee69 and "The Authenticator" :cool: for helping me on my latest eBay purchase! They were great and I couldn't have done it without them (without totally loosing all my hair and money.)

    It actually turned out to be another PFM - isn't it a small world?

    I'm totally thrilled, as it's the first piece I have in this collection and I LOVE it and wanted to share it with everyone here.

    Livethelake (her PF name, not her eBay id) totally packaged everything just perfectly. I felt like I was opening something up from elux or from the boutique!
    Cereis a.jpg cerises b.jpg
  2. a pochette
  3. Yep - and one of my little pugs helped me open up my new (new to me) Cerises Pochette.

    I love it!

    Thanks for the help everyone!:yahoo:
    cerises c.jpg cerises d.jpg
  4. I love it :yahoo:
  5. congrats!!!
  6. congrats:yahoo:
  7. Love it! Congrats! =)
  8. love it! love your cohort in crime too! so cute!
  9. congrats!
  10. Yep, Natasha's always interested when there's packages being opened. There might be FOOD inside. You noticed, that she went away right afterwards. There was no food inside :sad:

    Although some of my LV's have been known to contain doggie treats, in protective plastic bags of course.
  11. Natasha is so adorable!!!!

    love your new pochette, congrats!!
  12. Congrats!

    And a big shout to all the 'authenticators' who do a great job!
  13. Congrats! Enjoy your pochette!
  14. Ur Pochette & little pug are absolutely adorable!!! Congrats!!!
  15. Congrats on a lovely purchase!

    Lee69 and John are absolutely awesome! :yes: Love you guys! :love: