1. So today Stupid me, I didn't even think about this but...I went to the casino..thinking i would just stay in the non-smokingarea...well i walked around the whole casino (carring my brand new damier 30 speedy) about 2 times and i just got home a few hours ago and was taking some stuff out of my purse and smelled my purse...oh my goodness it smells like cigarettes =( stinky!!!! i didnt htink that it would smell after that short of a time...anyway...anyone know any techniques to get this bad smell out...i wonder if it's safe to fabreeze my purse...lol..does anyone know if it will ruin the leather? also is my only other option to just let it air out meaning leave in out of the dustbag for a couple of days??

    anyone have any suggestions? =(

  2. I wouldn't spray anything on or in it. You don't want to take a chance of staining it especially the vachetta. I would just air it out until you can no longer smell the smoke. IDK if 2 days would be enough though.

    ETA: It just occurred to me, LMB has some products to get rid of the smell. I haven't used it. Maybe someone else can chime in about that.
  3. I've bought several things on eBay that came with a smoky smell, and I've found airing it out helps- it took a large nylon tote about a week total to lose it's smell and I've never fully removed the smell from a pair of leather sneakers. :cursing:

    The only part of your bag I'd fabreeze would be the interior, which I doubt is the source of the smell- wouldn't reccommend spraying it on the vachetta and it probably wouldn't help with the canvas exterior.
  4. thanks for your help wantmore..

    btw, what's LMB?
  5. thank you valleyoppressed...oh wow...it came w/ the smoke smell =( i hope they had it in their listing that it camed from a smoke home or so... actually...the inside of my bag reeks as well! it's weird! so i may try the febreeze inside my bag...
  6. put bounce sheets inside the bag, unzipped and put it in the dustbag and close it up, should be smelling better in no time.
  7. I would suggest puttinn in some tumble dryer wipes first, before spraying them :yes:
  8. Unfortunately in neither case they did :sad: It's made me paranoid- pretty much every seller I consider buying from now can expect the "does is come from a smoke-free home" question :p
  9. id just let it air out. good luck!
  10. I had the same problem with one of my Damier bags! I live in Las Vegas and I am introduced to this situation quite often. I take my bag and stuff it with paper towels and an "odor eater" tablet made for shoes. I then put it in a plastic container with a box of baking soda and close it up for a day or two - The smell is always gone when I open it up. I always freshen up the interior with my favorite cologne afterwards.
  11. hmmm.. the inside or the outside smells like cigarettes? Well if it's inside, put some charcoal inside it so that the charcoal can absorb the smell or baking powder, of course don't let your purse touch the charcoal / baking powder.
  12. such a good idea! its most likely the interior that is holding the smell. good luck and let us know how it goes!
  13. this also works:
    get some tissues, spray it with your favorite perfume, and let them sit in the bag for a week.
  14. You can also try gently wiping the canvas with damp cloth just to make you sure you remove any nicotine residue that may have attached itself to the bag. Just don't get the leather damp to avoid staining.
  15. ^^^ Yes, I reccommend this as well. :yes:

    I once got a bag from let-trade and it smelled like mothballs pretty bad.

    So I put bounce sheets inside it and put it back in its dustbag and within 7 days the smell was gone.

    Good Luck! :flowers: