A Big Birthday

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  1. Today is a big birthday for me - I turn 75.

    My daughter is taking me to lunch and then dinner with the grandchildren. Next week we are having a 'birthday bash' in Palm Desert. My other daughters from Nashville and Louisville will be joining us. It's been 5 yrs since we've all been together. It should be fun. We will be stopping in the bv store to see their new things.

    You're never too old to buy a new bag - it keeps you young!

  2. A happy birthday to you. I wish you and your loved ones a great day and for next week a fun birthday bash 🛍
  3. Happy Birthday to you!!!!! I am so glad you get to see your daughters to celebrate and shop!!!!!
  4. Happy, Happy Birthday! Sounds like a fun day today. Enjoy your trip with your daughters.....so special. Hope you find an equally special bag to celebrate this milestone.
  5. Happy Birthday!
  6. Happy birthday! How great that you can celebrate with daughters and grandkids! And buy yourself a new bag. At 75, you surely deserve it.
  7. :balloon::balloon::presents:balloon::balloon:


    A new bag for your birthday would be the best! Hope your celebration with your daughters goes famously. :yes:
  8. Happy birthday.
  9. Celebrating with your family will be terrific way to celebrate ! stopping in a BV boutique is the "icing on the cake"!!
  10. Omgoodness you were born on National Puppy Day! Puppies and handbags! Can't beat that.
  11. Alas, National Puppy Day was created in 2006...
  12. A very happy birthday to you!
    What a lovely way to spend the day!
    Enjoy it and next week!
  13. Happy birthday!!!

  14. Have a very happy birthday. The SAs at the BV boutique in Palm Desert are super nice. If you have the opportunity you should drive out to the Cabazon outlet. It's about 20 minutes west of Palm Springs right off the 10 freeway. I'll be in Rancho Mirage for biz the week of 4/4. The desert is so beautiful this time of year.
  15. Happy birthday! Your plans sound great. (Looks like a number of us are seniors here!)