A bag in Paris..

  1. :p Hi girls!! Saturday I'll go in Paris for vacations where I'll stay for 10 days. I'm very excited :yahoo: ... But I need some advices.

    :confused1:QUESTION 1) What boutiques or stores I have to visit??
    One of my dream is to buy a bag in Paris because my favourite brand designers are france..In the past days I saved money to buy another Chloè bag and I was undecided between Blanc baby Paddi, Mais baby Paddi and tan Paddington regular satchel .
    This trip is a my boyfriend gift and originally it was 1 week in Paris. Then I decided to go also to Eurodisney and I reserved 3 days there using a part of my budget. Now my budget is halved:sad:. I want to realize my dream to buy a designer bag there, but now my budget is not more enough for a Paddington: I could buy it just in sale..so

    :confused1:QUESTION 2) Anyone knows if in Paris in this period boutiques or stores have sales???

    :confused1:QUESTION 3)(the most important question) I love Chloe :heart:more then others designers, but in my wishilist I have also 2 Balenciagas and 2 LV: if I don't find Chloe sales, Can I realize my dream (to buy a bag in Paris) buying for example a LV Speedy 25 (that I like too much) or I have to renounce to my dream and saving money for other months to buy a Paddington in Italy later??:shrugs:
  2. I'm alone??? :confused1: Or Maybe I was too writhed..??
  3. I'm Italian, so... but in november I went to Paris and I took some information about places where I could find bargains.. then my fiancè and I did not have the time to go.. (well... I can ALWAYS find the time for this kind of hunt, but... I was not alone!!) I remember there's a place called Reciproque, where you can find pre-owned clothes and accessories of known brands (I read about LV, Chloè, and others)... It should be not far from Trocadero, I think. But French friends can give more useful tips. Anyway, enjoy your stay in Paris!!! :yahoo:
  4. Oh... I'm sleeping I think... I didn't notice you're italian, too!
    Anyway, have a look to www.reciproque.fr
    Oh, and I've been to Didier Ludot.. near Palais Royal, they sell Chanel, Vuitton, Hermes...but we were in a hurry, so I bought NOTHING! :sad:
  5. Try and get a visit into the flagship Chloe store at 54 Rue de Faubourg St - Honore, that will have an amazing selection I am sure :smile:

    Have an amazing time, other Chloe boutiques in france can be found here

  6. You will love Paris, I am going in July, enjoy!
  7. Thank you girls!!
  8. Hi modema! I imagine Paddies would cost the same in Italy/France? However, in France, sale season isn't until the summer (end of June - early August) or the winter (early January-mid Feb.) so if you expect to get huge discounts, now might not be a good time. Au Printemps and Galeries Lafayette have tourist discounts and VAT refunds but since I assume you carry an EU passport, that won't be of any help to you. I second Babi on Reciproque. There might be greater discounts at second hand stores called Depot Vente that sometimes carry brand new and unused merchandise for much cheaper.

    Good luck and enjoy your trip to Paris!

  9. Thank you eucalyptic!! Great informations for me!!!
    I've found this link:


    Are these the discounts that you have mentioned?? Do you have one in particular that i have to visit?? What is its address??
    Thank you again:yes:

  10. :p Oh!! Sorry!! I didn't understand!! Maybe do you refered just to Reciproque mentioned by Babi who is called depot vente??!!
    Good!! I have all the informations about this place!!! Thank you!!
  11. Yes, Reciproque is one such depot vente. There's also another one on the 1st arrondissement called "à vos souhaite" which is on rue Saint Roche (a very small but very quiet street) where I scored a really cute Chloé top.

    There are actually a lot but I forgot the link that was given to me before I went there last July. If I find it I will post it here.
  12. Ok!! Thanks again:yes:
  13. Bye Bye ladies!! I'm going to leave for Paris!! See you at my return!!!;)