A bad start but a good ending!

  1. I bid on a Cherry Blossom zc (on eBay) but was way out bid...it went over my max by at least $75. I was bummed (since it's one of my favorite colors) but the same seller had a light green zc ending the next day. I won that (for a great price!) as well as the original Stella he had for sale.

    I got both last night and....

    He sent me the Cherry Blossom zip clutch by mistake. I knew immediately what happened and could just IMAGINE the shock the OTHER buyer felt when she got my green wallet!

    I emailed the seller today to let him know and he was, of course, very apologetic and thankful that we were both understanding.

    But you know what? After seeing the cherry blossom up close and comparing it to the green one (online), I am excited for the green one. Maybe it's because I already have a cherry blossom Blake, or maybe it's because I know the green one is MINE. :smile:

    Either way...what a weird situation but it worked out for the best. We're leaving for vacation on Saturday so we won't be here when the new wallet arrives, but our post office is holding everything so that's okay. :smile:

    I still swear that the ZC is the best wallet EVER. Evereverevereverevereverever!!!!! :yahoo:
  2. congrats dawn, i saw that light green zc as well. post pics when you rx them :smile:
  3. OMG Dawn!!! The Cherry Blossom one is mine and yours is supposed to be arriving at my house today! The seller contacted me this morning and told me what happened. I told him I'd overnight it back to him. Do you still have the pink one? If so, maybe we could PM each other and get xchange addys and we could just overnight them to each other? That way you'd get it before you left for vacation??
  4. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA, I am SO HAPPY IT'S A TPFer! That is too awesome!!!! I'm glad that you found out before you got the wallet because I think that could have caused some distress!!!! I can tell you that your wallet is in AWESOME condition!!!!

    I can overnight it tomorrow (I'm at work all day today). I'll pm you!

  5. Hehehe, I was actually out of town when the auction ended, so I increased my maximum bid to an ungodly amount hoping that noone would want to pay that much for it, LOL. :upsidedown: So I emailed the seller ... hopefully he won't mind if we just send them directly to one another. I'm glad this mixup happened with another pf'er!! I didn't even see the other stuff he's got up. He's got a red zc up right now that's ending soon . . . might have to get that one for my mom!
  6. Oh wow, that's crazy! What a coincidence! Talk about a happy ending. Congrats to the both of you.
  7. That's such a funny coincidence - at least you know your ZCs are in good hands :smile: Agreed - the ZC is the best wallet ever - worth every penny!!!
  8. Wow! Congrats! Post pics!

    That's so great that you got to see it and you still didn't like it. Works for you.
  9. lol oh my gawd, what a funny story. lol lots of purse addicts on eBay
  10. Now this really is a good ending!
  11. Funny story with a good ending! :biggrin:
  12. :tup::yahoo::woohoo::graucho:
  13. i LOVE the way this turned out... TPF members are everywhere:smile:!
  14. OMG it's so funny!
    glad that it turns out to be good :smile:
  15. That really is so funny! Post piccys gals! :heart: