A 15 Year Old Very Drunk Pixie

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    Too much too young: Pixie Geldof is supported by friends after another wild night out. The fifteen-year old was on a club crawl with sister Peaches and celebrity friends Kimberly Stewart and Donny Tourette

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    The Geldof two: Peaches and a tired looking Pixie keep on clubbing
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    Looking very much worse for wear, Pixie, who is under the legal age for drinking alcohol, appeared bleary eyed and slack jawed as she was held up by her friends.

    The group started out at The Maddox Club in London, and then tried to go to Chinawhites in Piccadilly, which sensibly refused Pixie entry as she is too young.
    Finally the group, which included Towers of London musicians Donny Tourette and brother Dirk Tourette, landed at the Cuckoo Club, where they were said to have spent just 20 minutes.
  5. she looks punched LOL
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    Bob Geldof clowns around

    This one Joey ?
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    Sister act: Pixie Geldof, dressed as a top-hatted circus ringmaster, arrives for the celebration. Peaches lets her hair down for her 18th - but claims her frantic partying days are behind her
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  9. That's the one! I would have died if my Dad pulled a stunt like that.
  10. Peache's, party was a circus theme. I dont think this family somehow needs a theme for anything. :hrmm:
  11. What the hell is Kimberly Stewart doing enabling a fifteen year old too drink. ?
  12. ^^^that's what I was thinking! Kudos to the club that didn't let them in for being underage.
  13. Um...Is that Pixie girl slightly mentally handicapped? She kinda has a "look" about her? :push: Ugh Please don't take that wrong. I am just being honest. Is it possible?
  14. Exactly what I was thinking...how old is she? and she's hanging around 15 year olds? apparently she cannot find friends her own age.

    Who are these "pixie" and "peaches" girls anyhow?