90cm silk/cashmere scarves

  1. There was a thread about the 90cm (35 in) silk/cashmere scarf some time ago, but I could not find it.
    Anyway, my SA told me Hermes is going to stop making them.
    Wondering if anyone else has heard this.
    I love the soft drape of these scarves.
  2. That would be unfortunate, those are my absolute favorite. I am going to start inquiring.
  3. What :wtf:
  4. O no :crybaby:is this true?
  5. The store at KOP had a bunch of them the other day.
  6. I am hoping someone can confirm or deny that they will be discontinued.
  7. Haven't heard that, but then again I don't hear a lot of things LOL. My stores have a bunch of them too.
  8. Hope it's not true, I really want one right now, probably because it's so cold here. Does anyone know what designs they come in this season? I saw the one with horses in blankets :lol: and I think early america or something like that. I'd need a colourway that'll got with my winter coats (dark green & black) as well as the raisin bag. Any ideas?
  9. Your SA probably meant that H won't issue the 90cm cashmere/silk for Spring/Summer 2008, the same way that H did not issue any cottons for AW2007. I haven't heard that it will be discontinued.

    For AW2007 in 90cm cashmere/silk, the available designs are: 1. Pani la Shar Pawnee 2. Jardins d'Armenie 3. Caleche Elastique 4. Couvertures et Tenue de Jour. There could probably be more.
  10. No, that sounds about right.

    H has been doing the 90cm cash/silk for at least 20 years that i can remember. It would be difficult for me to believe that they are discontinuing them NOW
  11. Thanks, AirMess! Jardins d'Armenie was the other design that I saw, not Early America.
  12. SAY IT 'AINT SO!!!!!! :crybaby:

    I just picked up "Courvetures....." in the Rouge colorway and I LOVE the size.........