9 month old key holder peeling- what to do

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  1. I noted to my horror this morning that my beloved rose ballerine 6 key holder which I bought at the end of June 2015 has peeled along its edges in 2 places. I want to take it back to LV, I am so disappointed with the quality. It's only 9 months old! This is an item thats meant to be used daily of course but if I take it back will I just be fobbed off? Do I have any rights?
  2. I could cry!
  3. This is a glazing issue. Where it's separating is a stress point with the way the pouch opens and close. Give them a call and see what are your options.
  4. Thanks. Good point about the stress points. But is it not meant to withstand that? I hope they don't classify it as normal wear and tear. I haven't bought thinking it'd need repair after only this time, I was hoping it would last me a long time.
  5. It depends. Generally, your goods should last up to a year or if not, they should be able to re-glaze for free. Different stores and different SAs will see wear and tear differently. Personally, I've never had to bring back any items for repair (knock wood) so I can't say from experience. And I've never bought from the same SA twice. If you have a reliable SA, it wouldn't be a big issue I think.
  6. Take it in and ask. Don't know if you have any rights per say. Before I remember there was 3 years free repairs. Those days are gone. But it's under a year and I think they will help you. Don't go to an SA. Go to a manager:smile:
  7. I have the same key holder and bought it at the same time and just sent it in to repairs a week ago for the exact same issue. Well I had a number of other things wrong with the keyholder too. But it is a glazing issue and the SA said I can get it repaired for free. I also had a tear on the button but if I wanted to change the button, I had to pay $35. So really depends. The first SA I talked to wanted to charge me for both the reglazing and button. Glazing would have costed me $60.
  8. Thank you for your suggestions and I am shocked to hear that these issues happened to others! I will go to Selfridges where I bought it from and speak to the manager. They are normally quite nice there. Fingers crossed
  9. You can get it reglazed. The store will do that for you and may wave the fee. Just be aware that it will happen again with regular use.
  10. Thanks. I've taken it back. They were really nice and have sent it for quality inspection.
  11. Just an update in case anyone wants to know. They initially offered to repair which could take 6-8 weeks. I pointed my concerns that this happened at 9 months. They agreed to give me a new one and ordered one in. Can't fault the service!
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  12. How is the new one holding up?
  13. I bought my 6 key holder (mono rose ballerine) online a month ago and just noticed a scratch on the button, will LV repair it for free?
  14. It's unlikely, as that sounds like wear and tear.
  15. Thanks for your reply, so sad that I was so carefree with it, I'll just use it till it's beat up then I may pay the $35 or so for a new button replacement if the rest is still in good shape :S