7 for all mankind handbags

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  1. does anybody have any? what do you think of them? i want one so bad but im currently broke...just wait til i get my tax refund tho, whee.
  2. i haven't seen them IRL but i think i might like one of them (probably the blue one) without the hanging tassels or whatever hangs from the handle...
  3. ^^ You're right!! Okay... now that I'm looking at the right bag... I think the 7 bags are okay but way overpriced... :flowers:
  4. The bags that Megs posted really appealed to me but being I live in Timbuktu, of course I've never seen them in real life.
  5. I like the pink one but I wouldn't pay that for it. I love their jeans just can't fit into the ones I have now. No more easter candy....
  6. theyre purses are so incredibly buttery soft. i really want one but they are overpriced. id rather get a chanel instead... darn. if i were a billionaire, this wouldnt be a problem, lol :smile:
  7. Haven't seen them yet but now i am going to look...

  8. I like this 7 For All Mankind bag, but I haven't seen one IRL. There is a 7 For All Mankind store in town, and I want to run over there one day.


    Wow that is kinda pricey for a very plain looking handbag IMHO. I think these designer labels are taking advantage of being well known in the clothing world and think they can venture into the handbag world with super high price tags.
  9. I think it's a pretty bag, but yea, I would never pay that much. Maybe 300.