4th of July Coach

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  1. Happy almost 4th of July!! Is anyone dressing their bag up for the 4th? I'd love to see pictures :smile: I don't have a red, white, or blue bag, so I just put my blue op art scarf on my black sig. Carly. Wish I could find a way to be more festive! What is everyone else doing?
  2. Here's my bag all dressed up! I'm also wearing the matching resort op art flip flops :biggrin: I may end up tying the scarf on my Black Patent Zoe, because I might be wearing a red dress.

  3. OH! what a great idea! I will have to see what I can dig up and post a pic later!
  4. jeh3v, LOVE those sandals!!! I'm on vaca so I'm just wearing my new silver large zoe...no red, white, or blue bags with me!

  5. Looooove it!
  6. So I ended up deciding on the red dress, so the tags are off of my new Black Patent Zoe and I'm carrying it instead! :woohoo: Still the same scarf and shoes though :tup:
  7. happy fourth of july y'all!!

    i'm going with all white today with a little blue and red jewelry... thanks to the head to toe white, i am FINALLY debuting my white studded ali
  8. happy 4th of july of july to all!!!!=)
  9. jehv3, that is perfect!
    luv it!
  10. Here's mine! Navy ergo patent pleated satchel with last years valentines scarf :yahoo:

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  11. I love your Ergo!
  12. I was wondering if it would be cheesey if I did my white pebbled soho with a v-day ponytail...but your ergo looks great!
  13. Thanks girlies! Go for it, nothing is cheesy!
  14. Happy 4th ladies! Let's see more pics!! :woohoo: