40 rare Hermes bags stolen from Houston home

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  1. Just saw this on the news tonight, although it looks like the theft happened back in August. (The reporter pronounced Hermes as "Her-mez")

    $50,000 reward: Masked robbers steal $6M jade bangle, $400K in cash from Houston-area home
    The intruders ambushed the victim, tied her up and held her at gunpoint before ransacking the home.

    HARRIS COUNTY, Texas — A rare jade bangle valued at $6 million was stolen during a home invasion at a Hedwig Village residence, according to investigators.

    The masked intruders also stole other jewelry, $400,000 in cash, 40 very rare Hermes purses, Hermes men's and women's shoes and about 40 bags of rare Pu-Erh tea.

    The armed robbery happened around 6:30 a.m. on August 6.

    Hedwig Village police say two male suspects tackled a woman in her 50s inside the home. They tied up her hands and feet before ransacking the house for at least half an hour.

    “They went through every crevice you could imagine in the place,” said Hedwig Village Detective Terry Wu said.

    Police said the suspects then cut the victim’s feet loose with a small knife before they ran from the scene in an unknown direction.

    The woman is visiting relatives from Asia and doesn't speak English. A kind neighbor helped her call police.

    “It was terrifying for her,” Wu said. “She’s still shaken up by it. She can’t sleep at night.”

    The victim told family members both suspects were dressed in black from head-to-toe and were wearing ball caps. Both were around 5'6 to 5'8. One was slim and the other had a heavy build.

    Investigators believe the family was targeted and may have been followed home.

    The family is offering a reward of up to $50,000 for information leading to the return of the items and the arrest of the suspects.

    Investigators believe the Hedwig Village case could be related to a similar home invasion that targeted an Asian family. In that case, there was only one masked robber but he was also dressed in black from head-to-toe and wearing a ball cap.
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  2. How awful for that poor woman- she must have been terrified. I hope they catch these crooks.
  3. Awful but I have to ask. Who keeps $400,000 in their home? And 40 “rare” Hermès bags. My my. Very scary.
  4. How did they know about the tea? Is that a common thing to steal? Poor lady, how horrible. I'm glad that at least they didn't hurt her.
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  5. I...wow. That's like better than robbing a store in plenty cases I'd say. Obviously it's the jade that's the one really driving up the price but still...

    I hope they may have insured stuff - maybe the jewelry? As for the cash thing...coming from an Asian background myself, I know some people, especially older gen maybe, only feel "safe" if they have cash and won't put it in a bank. Also there are certain issues with the amount of cash you can get out of say...China, right now, because of government policy and such...but I think let's not go into any speculation here.

    Because no matter what, what happened is horrible! I hope they can catch the thief.
  6. Wow. They obviously cased the house. I wonder if they knew the home owners? I've had the same thing happen a few times, once with a rare Beanie Baby, once with my Dad's syringes (we think it happened during a party we had), and once with my own prescriptions. I literally do not trust anyone and am very careful with who I let into my home (and I have since gotten a lockbox for my meds!).

    Anyway, I feel awful about the PTSD this poor woman will have to work though :sad:
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  7. I was about to say the same... how absolutely terrifying for the relative, I can’t possibly imagine what she went through.
    But on a serious note people need to be careful especially if they have many expensive items or huge amounts of cash in their homes. They must have been known to the robbers or they could have been watched.
  8. This is awful and soooo scary!

    1. 50k reward for info on a robbery of well over 6.5 million in goods....that seems off to me...like any of the “bad guys” would cough up info for 50k they just stole 400k CASH
    2. Confused about the woman was visiting- so that wasn’t her stuff or she brought all that stuff with her? She was home alone at her family members home?
  9. Who in their right mind keeps 400 g’s inside their home? Seemed to be easily accessible to robbers. Crazy!
    Someone on the outside knew what was inside.
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  11. Poor woman. I can’t even imagine how traumatized she must be.
  12. Inside job. Cash in the House is not unusual up to $2 million. But the question is who knew that the cash was there
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  13. Wow, I feel terrible for the lady. I hope she will be ok.:flowers:

    I think this affirms that it was an inside job. No "regular" robber would go for the tea, you would have to know what it was....hmmm.:thinking:

    I kind of get an idea where you would unload jewels and handbags...but where in the heck do you off load "hot" tea?!?!:lol:
  14. @Julide
    Sorry. I couldn’t help myself. It was definitely Patrick Stewart. :lol:

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  15. the jade bangle...........OMG !
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