$36,000 Heart Bag

  1. If you have a fetish for handbags and you have almost every designer’s creation in your bags-wardrobe than you might not feel hesitant to buy this $36,000 Heart Bag! The clutch is handmade by a master goldsmith, von Furstenberg’s H. Stern in over a two-month time-period. The dazzling clutch that almost looks like a gold-container is lined with black suede and hung from a black silk strap. The bag has a clasp concealed by the love knot detail on the front which makes it more sophisticated. Though, buying a $36,000 handbag is certainly not everybody’s cup-of-tea, but, if you are the lucky descendant of some filthy rich tycoon than you can lay your hands on this ultra-expensive bag too without even thinking twice!!

  2. Sooooo pretty!! hehe
  3. I collect everything in hearts. If I were a wealthy person, I would probably get it.
  4. very elegant
  5. Uh, for that price I'd rather have a new car.:shrugs:
  6. Hmmm it's pretty, but it looks more like a hanging ornament then a purse.
  7. I wonder what it size is? I agree with Bebe_85 it does remind me of an ornament.
  8. I was thinking the exact same thing !
  9. Lol, that's what I thought too!
    I think it looks like a necklace.

    For $36000, I'd rather buy a car instead. :smile:
  10. Wow, that's pretty. I think I'll pass, though.
  11. pretty but $36,000
    that's kinda nuts
  12. I know I could spend $36,000 better !!:yes:
  13. It's a gorgeous piece of art, but I don't think I'll wear it even if I buy it. For $36K, I'm spending it on a car or using that as part of the down payment for the next house.
  14. I'd rather have a Judith Leiber crystal one instead of that..it's really plain.
  15. I agree.

    I don't really like it and I wouldn't buy it.