35cm Clemence Birkins beyond their infancy

  1. If you have a 35cm Clemence Birkin that's been carried, would you please post a photo in this thread. I'd like to get a sense of how it ages. :heart: When you post, please include the age of your Clemence darling. I know that Mou Bolides are slouchy in a very charming way, but have no experience with Clemence Birkins. Thanks!

  2. hi--i DO NOT currently have a clemence birkin but I did some time ago. I also bought and sold 2 clemence bolides. I really dont care for the leather. I know its all personal (some like the smooshy squashy feeling and look, while others like the upright dressier look of other leathers) but that being said i think the bags look old fast and the leather gets even more matte than it begins. they start collapsing unevenly...........my 2 cents
  3. I'll have to take some recent photos of mine and post them later. When I first received it, I was surprised at how stiff it was. I usually carry mine with the flap tucked in and the straps buckled, and store it completely buckled. Since I've gotten it in March I've carried it about 75% of the time, and while it has softened up some, it doesn't collapse like the photos of others I've seen. I guess it depends on the individual leather. I've handled other clemence bags right out of the box and they felt much smooshier (and mine is def. clemence).
  4. I have several 35 Clemence Birkins - Clemence is my favorite leather in the 35 actually because of the way it slouches. Obviously this is a personal choice since some people like very rigid leathers and some don't. I like both in the 30, but prefer the softer, more casual look in the 35.

    The Raisin pictured has been stored standing upright without any stuffing in it and IMO, it's not "overly" slouchy.

    But the most important thing to take into account is that no 2 pieces of Clemence are the same. (For that matter, neither are any 2 pieces of Chevre or any other leather.........) I've actually compared 2 Clemence Birkins - both 35 and in the exact same color and from the exact same time period - standing next to each other: one was MUCH softer, smoother and slouchier than the other. You simply can't generalize.
  5. I just purchased a 35 Clemence Birkin and was wondering the same thing. Sadly, I haven't used it. I take it out and look at it but I am too scared to use it.
    Thanks for the info everyone.
  6. i would defintely agree with you. the clemence that i purchased were all squashy. yours looks more like a cross between fjord and clemence--it appears that your leather is thicker (thus more substance) that bag is amazing by the way!
  7. MillStream:smile: I don't have a clemence Birkin...yet...but did you see the pics I posted of my Thalassa Clemence Kelly 32? It's in the go Kelly go thread. And if ever there was slouch or soupleness in a bag, this one displays it....so, I wanted to point you in that direction so you could get an idea of what an even smaller Hermes could look like who although not a spring chicken ( Thalassa Kelly is lightly worn but still an '02) still has a way to go to be vintage.

    And, of course we're talking over an inch less wide and less deep than the Birkin 35 AND a more structured bag with the Kelly style. If you like soupleness you're going to enjoy your new 35 Birkin.
  8. style..that bag is scrumptious!!
  9. So far, isus, I've really had no real experience with Clemence. My Mou Clemence Bolide came to me with her saucy slouch, and that's a significant part of her charm. My Birkins are Togo and my Kellys are Sellier, so I'm in unchartered waters here with the Clemence Birkin. But I can tell you that the Chartreuse Clemence leather feels incredibly nice. I never thought to caress my Togo bags, but the Chartreuse Clemence just begs to be touched. I'm wondering how she'll age, and just hope that her slouchiness will be somewhat uniform. My first Birkin was Ardennes, and it slouched on one side and stood upright on the other. This lopsidedness bothered me and she went on to live with another.
  10. Gorgeous bag. I agree with you 100% about the variability factor. I also have a few clemence Birkins and have found that they are not overly slouchy. I will post a photo of the most beat up one later.
  11. Here is an example of a 2001 35 clemence carried frequently (with lots of care), including 1-2 trips per year with a Sony Vaio laptop, occasionally wiped with Mustela baby cleansing milk (the bag has a patina)--the straps have that characteristic floppiness of clemence but the overall structure of the bag has held up quite well with 6 years of heavy use...
    Oh and the bag is empty; no stuffing inside.
    When not in use, I have stored it on its side with a rolled up towel inside.
    Black clemence - 10001.JPG Black clemence - 20001.JPG
  12. Pepper, what a gorgeous, gorgeous bag! Thanks so much for posting photos!
  13. O-M-G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THUD!!!!

  14. style and pepper! your birkins are just incredible! Thank you for sharing pics with us!