30% off BE sale @Moda Mario

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  1. I emailed Moda Mario in Ft. lauderdale after seeing the info on their 30% sale to ask them about stock and prices. Below is an email, I just got from Phyllis, thought I'd share. Wasn't someone asking about apple green matte?...

    "Thank you for your interest in our store!

    Below please find a list of current Belen Echandia stock with the sale price:

    Adore Me in silver and black crash $437.50
    Clutch Me black python, brown python, purple python $595
    Clutch Me tan stamped croc $220.50
    Hold Me Plum crash and chocolate crash $315
    Whisper to Me Midi Pewter Crash and Chocolate Crash $535.50
    Hug Me mini Chocolate Matte, Black Pebble, Black Crash $507.50
    Love Me Mini Purple, Red and Black Pebble $507.50
    Take Me Everywhere Green Apple $521.15
    Make Me Smile tan and cobalt blue $521.15

    YES we ship!

    Thank you!

    Moda Mario
  2. Great info., Ms. L!!! You rock!!!

    I will promptly ignore all of this information, as I have already bought THREE bags in the last week!!! :nuts: :noggin: :nuts:
  3. I could have sworn I heard you say you needed an apple green TME :whistle: