3 tokis today...

  1. so i had this bags at my brother's apt. in MA and i finally got em today, plus some other toki stuff(no bags)..and tons of non toki stuff.

    OP stellina.. lots of sandys!

    pirata denaro.. :heart: to match my gioco

    citta rosa ciao i didnt even think of getting.. oh well.

    other stuff...

    And graduation is tomorrow, today found out im Magna Cum Laude..and i had no clue about it.. and i hardly ever studied. today couldnt have been a better day! :okay:
  2. Love the bags and the denaro! Congrats!
  3. Wow~ Your OP stellina is awesome, esp. the placement on the front pockets. And your CR Ciao too! Lovely!

    And congrats on ur MCL!!! A brainiac who did not even study hard .. GENIUS!
  4. congratz! and u got some nice goodies!
  5. YAY congrats paulie!! what kind of gloomy bears are those btw? They're cute :biggrin:
  6. Yayy you got some awesome stuff today!!! I really really LOVE your ciao & especially your denaro!! ohhhhhhhhhh i need pirata O__O
  7. thanks alot girls! :choochoo: it was about time cause in highschool i SUCKED at math. like, really sucked.

    tehlilone, the gloomys are the floppy body ones, got those 3 on eBay and the lil one was from japan la. the tag says "prize only" so i guess they dont have em in stores, and the guy who got me two of em told me he won those gloomies at some kind of vending machine... btw, sellers were from japan. :drool:
  8. wow nice goodies!! i see donuts too! :biggrin: congrats!!
  9. Love the collection and CONGRATS!!! on magna cum laude.:woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  10. yay!!! congrats on graduating Magna Cum Laude .. you're such a smartie!!! :tup:

    and OMG that is a lot of stuff :drool: All the bags are so beautiful but gah I :love: your citta rosa ciao!!!! congrats on all the toki :biggrin:
  11. congrats on your graduation! your stellina is awesome and of course my eyes were drawn to your yummy donuts just like vmasterz!! i didn't see mr. blue! ;)
  12. where'd you get the sebastian & flounder!??! The Little Mermaid is my FAVORITE disney movie! My bf made fun of me cuz I ran out on the day it came out on DVD & bought the movie & soundtrack & I was upset cuz bestbuy ran out of the free toys :sad:
  13. congrats on your collection and magna cum laude! u must be really smart! :tup:
  14. congrats on the magna cum laude! trust me, that little phrase on your resume will serve you well in the future :tup:

    holy shopping, batman! that's quite a haul. your pirata denaro has perfect print placement! would you believe that all this time, i didn't realize the seated pirate girls had owls on their shoulders? i'm looking at my pirata zucca right now, and i'm seeing them for the first time. d'oh!

    is that a storm hoodie i see?
  15. i had ordered them from the disney site whiiiile back when it came out so it had been kept MONTHS in a box at my brother's... it also came with 5 prints in that folder you see behind, and a special edition pin. and the 2 plushies. i love disney, love love love it. ;)