3 prong martini vs 6 prong diamond studs from whiteflash

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  1. Hi Skyqueen
    Love your jewelry! Would you mind sharing your recommendation for a diamond pendant with a 40point stone? Would you use a three prong martini or a bezel setting to achieve the biggest look? TIA
  2. Thanks Lizzy! If it were me I'd consider the martini...not as much metal so you get more sparkle. But I do love Brian Gavin's "The Barbara" bezel setting. Not much metal for a bezel. Check out the link and you can see different options. I don't own any BG necklaces, maybe someone who does can chime in. Good luck and keep us posted!
  3. Your diamonds will be large enough that they will not look triangular in the 3 prong martini. And no one can ever look at both earrings at the same time to tell if they aren’t turned the exact same way. It is impossible...try it yourself in the mirror. I love the minimalist look for diamond solitaires. Be sure to have the larger backs to keep them flush to the lobes.
  4. Love the 6 prong setting!!!:love:
  5. Thank you!