3 prong martini vs 6 prong diamond studs from whiteflash

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  1. I am having a pair made, 1.50 TCW, and am having the hardest time between the 3 prong martini and the 6 prong setting.

    Does it look off if the prongs are not aligned the same in each ear with the 3 prong? Like one triangle is upside down and the other isn't? The 6 prong would look the same no matter how the earring was positioned in the ear, but I worry the 3 prong will need to match .....hope that makes sense

    Do martini setting stretch the piercing hole? Are they comfortable?

    Thank you!
  2. I have three prong martini settings with jumbo backs (from Whiteflash). they're very comfortable and secure. and absolutely not in regard to the prongs having to be in the same position. what you see are the diamonds.
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  3. Thank you! Do you have any pictures? What size are yours?
  4. Go for 6 prongs, that’s what I did, I can’t get over the diamond looks triangular with 3 prongs.
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  5. So they do end up looking triangular? That is one thing I am worried about. I wasn't sure how noticeable
    the prongs actually are.
  6. no pics
    mine are just under 1 ct each
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  7. here's a nice pic from whiteflash
    doesn't look triangular to me
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  8. I love my martini setting...I have the 4 prong setting. No triangular look and not as much metal as a 6 prong. I use the elephant backs and they sit nicely.
    Diamond Studs.jpg
  9. I love my 6-prong martini. To me... a 3-prong makes the stone look like a triangle and a 4-prong makes it look square. I like my stone to look round so I went with a 6-prong.

    By the way, I had a 4-prong before I switched.

    Hope that helps.
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  10. Here is a 6-prong from whiteflash which you said you were using...

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  11. This looks gorgeous. I too have a 4 prong setting. I think this looks best.
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  12. I went with the 6 prong. Thanks everyone!
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  13. Not sure if it matters to you, but the 6-prong from Whiteflash has those talon sharp claw prongs which I do not like. For my 6-prongs, I went with a softer rounded tip prong, similar to the Tiffany setting.

    I am whiteflash can accommodate whatever prong tips you prefer.

    I’m sure you will love your new earrings. Congrats!
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  14. Picture?
    I am getting 6 prong earrings soon too!
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  15. IMG_5414.JPG
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