3 pair of Michael Kors shoes for $116 after taxes!!! Only in vegas!

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  1. I can't believe the deal I got after going in to the Michael Kors store in Las Vegas. I walked out with these shoes and still had money to gamble with!

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  2. I live in las vegas where is this store i do not recall it? :sad: Love Mk shoes great deal
  3. Wow what a steal! Love them all!
  4. All sale shoes at the Michael Kors store are 75% off the regular price. That means most shoes are between $30-$45!!!! But sizes are running out fast! If you live in the Seattle area come to the Bellevue Square store we have a few left!
  5. omg what a deal! my mom went to CA and got a similar deal with MK shoes, they were gorgeous!
  6. The store I got them at was the Forum shops at Ceasars. They had quite a few pairs of shoes marked down. I wear a size 7 and there were still quite a few of those left. This was the weekend before last though, so some sizes may be out of stock.

    Macy's also has the friends and family event running right now where you can get an extras 20% off, even the designers! If your lucky enough to know someone that works there, you can get a double discount! My friends mom just git me the MK Berkley sandals for 40% off.
  7. Oh my oh my oh my. Congrats!!!

    I'm heading to Vegas (I hope) in March, and I was so certain there'd be no shopping to fit my budget. But if I work sales and get lucky...for real? LOVE your shoes!!!!
  8. Thanks! Oh yes, you CAN find some great deals in Vegas. Go to the shops at Ceasars and the ones at Mandalay Bay. Those are the ones I found that usually are in my price range. Mandalay Bay has an awesome clothing store called MAUDE that has some unique yet affordable clothes. I wish there was one by me!

    There are also outlets located just outside the strip on the north and the south side. I have only been to the north end one, Las Vegas Premium outlets. They had a lot of great deals there as well. You can take the bus to get there, but depending where you are on the strip you might be on that bus for a good hour. It's easier to take a cab, so grab a friend to split it with.

    I LOVE VEGAS! If you get a chance (and your not afraid of heights) do the zipline in bootleg canyon. So FUN!
  9. Woohoo! Awesome info. Thank you.
  10. it is always a good thing when you actually bring something (other than an empty wallet) home from vegas. Congrats on 3 great pairs of shoes!
  11. that's a great deal! congrats!
  12. Love the nude and the snake :P
  13. i really love the one in the middle....congrats for such a great deal!!