3 Bags...3 Brands...all much the same

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  1. What's up with that?? *Typo meant to write all too similar*

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  2. Well, they're all hobos with two front pockets, but I don't think they're that similar, personally. :shrugs:

    ETA: Oh and two little straps underneath (what are they for, exactly?! :lol:).
  3. it's so funny that you noticed this...I have been thinking the same thing after seeing all three of these at retail recently.

    I am beginning to think that some of these brands "buy" designs from one source. It sounds crazy, but it is too "coincidental", don't you think?
  4. gucci abbey large tote is also similar to MJ stella, which is similar to MJ sophia, which is same as LV hudson gm
  5. Why don't you try a "roll" bag for fun......like a M by MJ? They're pretty cool.
  6. If you go to Lord & Taylor, they sell a brand called Paradox, and some that looked exactly like MJ Stams jumped out at me; therre may be other Paradox bags that "closely resemble" other popular bags, also.

    Regarding these 3, maybe there's only so many ways you can do a hobo with 2 zippers and a couple of straps on the outside and they end up looking very much alike.