2nd chance offer and seller protection

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  1. the winner of my listing didnt pay and i am making 2nd offer. i know paypal provide seller protection if item is shipped in 7 days from auction end. so what if i receive the payment from the 2nd offer after that and ship the item? i want to be sure on that, if i can;t get protection i'd rather relist it again. thanks!
  2. I'm sure someone else will have more info on this than me but, I am assuming that as long as you go through ebay and click on the 2nd chance offer link to complete the transaction, I'm sure that you will have 7 days from the date that the 2nd chance offer was accepted but, don't quote me on this. It just seems that would be how it would work.
  3. it is 7 days after payment, not end of auction
  4. Theoretically, what happens if the seller ships out 8 or more days after the auction ends? I don't really understand the 7 day rule. If the item is sent with delivery confirmation, then can the buyer claim she never received it? Clearly seller protection has ended since shipping exceeded 7 days, but if the USPS has proof that it's been delivered...then what?
  5. ^^oops, I meant after PAYMENT, not after the auction ends!