2JOURS handle peeling?!

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  1. Hi there,

    The last few days of carrying my Fendi 2jours I’ve noticed I have black specs on my hands afterwards. Come to find out it’s due to one of my handles peeling underneath [emoji31]

    Has anyone else had this issue?! Ive rarely carried this bag in the last 4 years I’ve had it, so I am a bit disappointed!

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  2. Oh wow. I'm sorry to hear that.
  3. No I have had my 2jour for about 5 years and this hasn't happen to me
  4. Strange
    I advise you to send nearest store for assessment
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  5. Hi I have the same issue on the base of my handles.
    My problem is that I have bought the bag second hand and don’t know if Fendi will repair or offer any solution.
    The rest of the bag leather is in great shape.
    The peeling is very little but still I strange as this bag is not cheap....
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  6. I took mine today to Fendi store in Dubai.
    Not very good experience .... the SA did not offer any real help. He was going around that this is older collection and this is normal and so on.
    Im LV girl and know if I take my bag to LV I will get the right help very quick....
    At the end he said that they can take the bag and evaluate the problem and can eventually offer repair maybe locally or they may send it to Italy which mean that will take 2-3 months!
    He did not say how much this may cost me.Again if I ask in LV they will estimate immediately the cost of 2 new handles and the time they will need to do this.
    I also wanted to get the tag which usually comes with the bad but also as per him they don’t sell it separate and if they do as spear part he have to check with the company in Italy...
    I was not impressed with the service at this store[emoji19]
  7. Hi may i know if you managed to get the handles fixed? Because im experiencing it with my baby pink one now! Help!
  8. This happened to me as well. Both handles and at the edges of the handle as well as the clasp to close the bag. Is now about to peel on a small area of the saffiano type leather on the front. Very disappointing as I see this has happened to other people as well :sad:
  9. Not good. I was considering this bag years ago. Surprised about the quality. Hope you get a satisfactory resolution.