28 Kelly in Swift - will it slouch????

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  1. Hello all you wonderful H ladies,

    Here is me with another concern... about swift and its slouchliness. I've gone through most the previous helpful threads and it appears that 35 birkins are the ones experiencing the most slouch in swift...

    I haven't officially turned down my clemence SO but I think I will because a super-slouchy Kelly just isn't my cup of tea! However, that being said... my 32 togo Kelly is doing fine (no slouch at all and shes 1 year old)

    I think my heart is almost set on this 28 swift BUT I just want your expertise and opinion (I have a hard time deciding myself!)

    Will I find my 28 all slouchy and messy (i.e. won't be able to sit straight by herself) after say 6 months of use??? Or will she be alright???

    Thank-you as always!!!:heart:
  2. Oh Oh Oh I can reply to this one!!!!!!!:yahoo: :yahoo:

    I have a 28cm orange Swift Kelly in Souple. No slouch whatsoever after 1 year of use. (Granted I stuff her and keep her on her side in her box when I'm not using her...)

    She stands perfectly straight and tall. I don't think she is big enough to slouch at the bottom.
  3. A good rule of thumb is when your bag is not in use, keep something soft like a pillow or towel big enough to keep its shape. A little preventive maintenance goes a long way :smile:

    I have some bags in swift (35) and they're not slouchy at all, but I should add I don't use them every day and do keep towels in them.
  4. I just got the 35cm Kelly flat sellier in swift and I let her rest on her back and there is not that much slouch noticed. One thing nice about the swift is the softness it gives to the otherwise rigid structure of the sellier Kelly design.
  5. Mine is a 35 Retourne, hasn't shown much slouchness since I got her in Jan, HTH !
  6. Joanna: yes I remember seeing your gorgeous orange swift kelly...infact I think it was seeing your photos that inspired me to fall in love with Hermes!!!!! I'm sooo glad that shes standing well! thankyou!

    sophie: thankyou for your advice, yes your right... keeping something inside really helps!!

    jaeger: sounds great I am really looking forward to the softness and yet rigide aspect of swift!!!! thanks for your input

    lovethatthing: goodie good to know, yes mine will be retourne also! thankyou for your input :smile:
  7. Yorelica....I buy a Down Boudoir pillow for each bag that's over a 28cm and use that inside whenever these bags are not in use. I love that it's soft and squishable yet helps the bag keep it's shape. In the smaller bags, I use rolled up vintage linen hand towels. Works like a charm for me......
  8. ^^^Wow, what a great idea! Will be stopping at Bed Bath and Beyond soon for just that (or maybe they're available online?).
  9. heeheeheee....and then I slip these pillows inside a pretty boudoir pillowcase and THEN they go inside my bags.....I am so analy retentive it's not even funny!!!
  10. Looked at the leather book yesterday...so many colors so gorgeous in swift...

    And gave a swatch the "scratch test"...barely left a mark and was able to rub it right out...nice!
  11. D: are the original air packets that come with the bags not good enough? I should use towels?
    thank-you in advance!

    SoCal: so scratch can rub right off? Awesome because my nails always break and scratch things!
  12. I completely agree, I keep all my bags stuffed with the pillow that was in the original box. It keeps the shape of the box and keeps the bag smelling brand new.
  13. Yorelica I have a 32cm Havanne retourne Kelly and so far I've noticed no slouching whatsoever!! I love that the scratches just come right off and how buttery soft the leather is. I think swift takes in color so beautifully yet is easy to maintain. Like some of the ladies here, I just use the original air pillows that the Kelly came with to help keep the shape of my kelly. Hope to see ur new baby soon!!! Don't keep us in the dark for too long!!!
  14. has it been a year already?:wtf: