28 cm or 32cm? Advice Please!!!

  1. Ok all

    I need advice...

    I am 5'2" and petite frame. I am tending to carry alot in my bags now with a baby in tow.....

    for a Kelly retourne Kelly...28 or 32 centimeters? I am worried a 32 would be too big, but I am gettin beyond the ability to cate "cute" little bags.

    Thoughts ladies?
  2. I am the same height as you and I love my 32 cm- not too big at all.
  3. I can answer your question. Yippie!! I am 5 feet and just purchased a 32 and its perfect. If it was any smaller I would not be happy. Go for the 32cm..
  4. Here's a pic of me with a 32cm. I'm 5'5". I think the 32cm is rather large but I like large bags. For your frame, I think a 28cm is a perfect fit.
  5. LOL - you're gonna hate me...EITHER one would be great on you! He, he...it's the perennial question, Kelly 28/32 and Birkin 30/35! Because you're after retourne, a 32 wouldn't seem too large....I'd go the 32.
  6. authenticlux, that is one goregous kelly! can you share the specs on this beauty???? really pretty! :love:
  7. That is a beautiful bag. I agree 32 in a rigide is way too big for me. Looks great on you though...oh what I would give for three inches :crybaby:
  8. GF...exactly! That is my concern...the fact that it is Retourne is throwing a loop into the eqaution....

    No problem on the Birkin..I could only carry a 30cm....
  9. Absolutely! It's a 32cm Box Calf in Brique with white contrast stitiching and gold HW. This baby is over 10 years old and looks new, IMO. Hermes cleaning does wonders! This is the that Kelly made me fall in love with Box Calf.:heart:
  10. I'd recommend a 32cm but in Retourne. I'm 5'3" and this combo is perfect for me!
  11. 5'3" here and can only do 28cm Sellier or Retourne and a 32cm Retourne only otherwise it looks too much like a briefcase on me.

    Maybe I've got some pics around here somewhere......hold on.....

    ok....first one is with 32cm Retourne Black Box Kelly
    second one is with 28cm Sellier Chocolate Box Kelly
    third one is with 28cm Retourne Noisette Gulliver Kelly

    Hope this helps......
    _MG_3108V&me1.jpg _MG_3404Coco1.jpg Noisetteme2.jpg
  12. 32 gets my vote...especially since you have little ones and you will always need that extra little space. I am very short and I LOVE MY 32!!! Later you can also buy a 28 when the little ones get a bit older.
  13. i'm not sure what the right answer is because so much is personal choice. autheniclux carries that 32 really really well. i personally prefer retourne, but that bag looks goooood.
    what i do know is that this thread is just starting and it already has some really fantastic pics! lol yum-mmmmy. shopmom, if you're 5'3 you are really beautifully proportioned - i thought you were taller.
  14. Mmm, for your height/frame, it really depends on your personal choice. Maybe a 28cm would be more proportional to your frame; however, if you have lots of things to carry, maybe a 32cm will be better.
  15. I agree with the ladies- I would definitely do a 32cm retourne, or either 28cm sellier or retourne. You really cannot go wrong either way!