25 or 30 Mono Speedy


Mono Speedy 25 or 30??

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  1. Hi all! I'm Marlene! I'm new here...I plan on adding a Mono Speedy to my tiny LV collection. I have a Mono Pocket Agenda I use as a checkbook cover and a Vernis Accessory Pouch in the Pearl White. Now my dilemma is this: 25 or 30.

    I tried on the 30, felt it was too big for me...feel that the 25 is just right for my size, but the SA I talked to was trying to get me to buy the 30 because it's the one everyone gets. I know some ladies get the 30 or maybe the 35 and do the slouchy thing, but I dunno. Help!

    I'm 5'0" and 110lbs, is the 30 too overwhelming for my frame??? Please vote and leave comments. Thanks!
  2. i would say 30 since im a big bag girl .. but u seem so petite so i advis u 2 go to the 25 .. and btw ALWAYS ALWAYS get what YOU like ... never get influenced by what SA say ... goood luck :smile:
  3. I'm a "big bag" gal as well. :love:

    So my vote went for the Speedy 30. :yes:
  4. I prefer the 25. The 30 might be slightly big for you, but I guess it also depends if you like to carry bigger bags and how much stuff your normally carry.
  5. Hi, I have a damier 25 and azur 30. Personally, I prefer 25 and think 30 is too big for me. 25 will fit you better since you are petite.
  6. I prefer 25 for your size...I have 25 as well :yes:
  7. I have both the 25 and 30. I prefer the 30 as I seem to have trouble getting my wallet and agenda in and out of the 25's smaller opening. If, though, you carry a smaller wallet and agenda...the 25 should work fine.

    Body size (to me) isn't really an issue. I love bigger bags!
  8. I have both. I like the 30 for day to day--it gets hard to get things out of the 25. I actually like the look of the 25 better, but from a use standpoint, definitely the 30!
  9. I'm 5'0" and I used to think the speedy 30 would be too big for me so I exchanged the 30 for a 25 and I was happy!! But I've seen others same size as me carrying the Speedy 30 and it looked okay, too.

    I guess it's really just a matter of preference. It's kinda hard to get stuff in and out of the 25, though. So if you usually carry a lot of stuff everyday, get the speedy 30. If not, then the speedy 25 would be fine. Good luck on your purchase :smile::smile:
  10. I think the 25 will look cute on you. Get the 25, unless you need to carry tons of stuffs all the time.
  11. Sounds like you want the 25 so go for it! If you find that it's too difficult to get your things in and out of then exchange it for the 30 later.
  12. I am 5'4 and 110 pounds, and I have an Epi Speedy 25 (which supposedly is slightly larger than the mono 25), but it is a perfect size for me. I think the 30 would be a bit big for you. The 25 holds lots of stuff, so don't worry about that.
  13. I prefer 30 for myself but I believe 25 would be best for you since you seem more comfortable with it ;) what you think is what counts :biggrin:
  14. Go for what is comfortable for you!!! I have a 25 and I love it, we are about the same height and weight also. My SA agreed that he liked the 25 better for me than the 30.
    Don't let the SA talk you into something you aren't sure you will really like!!!
  15. i'm the same exact weight and height as you! the 25 fits my body size better, but i LOVED the 30 way more. the 25 is just too small for me, i love bigger bags.