25% off Tokidoki Tobi.com

  1. Hey girls, this is my first thread. I searched but did not find it posted already.

    I thought to help others buy some more bags (lol) since I just bought my first Tutti Gioci online.

    -- EDIT --

    ^^ Direct link to all Tokidoki products.
  2. that's what pinkpeony's thread about 25% off Trasporto was about.. she was trying to keep it quiet because there are a lot of eBay sellers who lurk this board & might take advantage of the deals to make a profit. :s
  3. Uh oh, should I delete this thread?? :O
  4. oh well now it's out! at least most of us got our deals ahead of time and maybe there's nothing left! haha :p
  5. i think you can edit it! try it!
  6. I honestly really didn't know!

    I just searched Google for any coupon codes from the websites everyone recommended.
  7. Hmmm, I don't know but all the Trasporto's bag all GONE for good now. Well, at least most of us got what we wanted while there were still some good selection.
  8. Wow.. that's quick!