$240!? For a cosmetics pouch?

  1. Yesterday (or a few days ago) someone posted on how to get a cosmetics pouch that comes with the marais. Because I wanted to replace my old cosmetics pouch with the new one (for my mono petit bucket), I called up to ask for a quote (I wasn't planning on buying until later, anyway). The woman on the phone told me it was $240! I thought it was only $140? Is this because it comes with the chain? Because I don't need the chain for the pouch...I have one! I might as well buy a mini pochette accessories (which is much cheaper)! :yucky: Please, someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  2. Bernz- she told you wrong. I replaced the cosmetics pouch in my bucket and it was 140.00 approx 4 months ago.
  3. The regular pochette cosmetique is $240...I think she was talking about the wrong thing...
  4. ^Thank you, ladies! And thank God...
  5. I called about getting the replacement pouch for the Damier Marais and a separate chain but they told me that the pouch already had the chain attached and I would have to bring in the bag so they could attach it. (Pouch would be $150). Even though I mentioned that someone had bought the pouch w/a separate chain (w/the clasps on both ends), they said they didn't have such a thing...
  6. ^really? Darn, 'cause I really don't need the chain. I have a chain already attached to my bag. I called in the boutique so I can have it shipped to me, but they told me they ran out...:crybaby:

    Perhaps they'll have more in stock once I'm off the ban?:sad:
  7. Call the 866 number~ they can locate one for you. In the meantime ask them if they know any stores that have a mandarin bucket pouch...as I need one too! He heheheheheh Love ya!:supacool:
  8. ^Hon, these posts seriously make me want one now! I'll call later today after I'm off work...and I'll ask about your pouch, too.;)
  9. the Portland LV store has one... i almost bought it. And it's only $140, the big cosmetic pouch is $240 (went down $20 when everything else went up!)
  10. Broke ban, and got it. Sad how I can't last 2 months on this ban! ;) But it got raised to $150...and there isn't a chain, but I don't care. I want the pouch!

    Ghost55 - I couldn't get around to asking about the mandarin pouch! I was immediately forwarded to someone in the Beverly Center in Los Angeles!

    Funny how there's nothing in San Diego...I thought I would be forwarded to Fashion Valley (which is bigger than Horton Plaza)...but I'll be waiting! :graucho:

    Now I have 4 accounts on Louis Vuitton. Great...