24! Jack Bauer is my hero!

  1. I cant find the 24 thread in here!!! I'm so disappointed that fox has decided to postpone the 7th seaosn!!!!! My life without a new jack bauer episode every week is drab...i'm left watching season 6 dvd set. :tdown:
  2. Well they could continue to film while he is in jail for dui.:sweatdrop:
  3. Yeah..I wouldn't exactly call him heroic after seeing him so drunk that he's sitting in public with his pants around his ankles...
  4. ^ Well everyone makes mistakes.. ;)

    I love 24!!!! I'm so addicted right now..I've been watching previous seasons to make up for the loss of new episodes. Season 7 will be sooo different because CTU doesn't exist anymore.

    Which was your favorite season? I think I liked season 5 the best (the one with sentox nerve gas) although many characters were killed.
  5. wait...CTU doesnt exist anymore in season 7!??! OMG...this makes me want to see season 7 even more now!!!!!
    He had his pants around his ankles?? I should watch the news or check tmz more, i missed out! :roflmfao:
    I got hooked after the first episode i saw ...even tho it was a random episode in a random season. I went out and bought all the seasons at costco.
  6. ^ Same thing happened with me..I saw a random episode of Season 5 that my brothers were watching and next thing I know..they got me all the seasons on DVD. I am hooked!!! I am watching season 3 again right now.
  7. I'm rewatching season 6...i missed a few parts here and there when it was on tv. I'm loving every moment.
  8. I didn't like season 6 as much, but all of the seasons are still really good!
  9. I can't wait for season 7 - when will it be? Things are not the same without Tony and Michelle though! My favorite seasons were 2, 3 & 4 because my favorite couple was sizzling on screen. Season 5 was good too but why did they have to be killed off?! :hysteric:
  10. ahh I feel your pain too! I was sooooo looking forward to Season 7, and there is no date for when it will be aired, so I have had to trawl through all the previous seasons too ;)

    I loved season 5, I thought Martha was amazing, and I loved the tender relationship she built up with Aaron Pearce! I love Chloe too :biggrin:

    I have just read Keithers Biography too, he has sure had an interesting life!
  11. oooh, and ofcourse, we have the gorgeous Tony Almeda coming back in Season 7, that in itself is worth the wait for sure ;)
  12. Tony's coming back??? It's gonna be forever before we get a new episode.
  13. yep, he is, and poor old Tony, is working for the other side!!! (he is still upset about Michelle :sad: .....Sorry, im not spoiling anything, as it is on the official trailer ;)
  14. What!!?!!!!?!!!?!!