22,500$ weekender,anyone??

  1. It's pretty but I honestly don't think it's worth that steep price!
  2. honestly, i don't even think it's pretty & for $22K, it better have wheels to drive me to the airport :Push:
  3. omg!
  4. How much are the croc Birkins? It's probably a bargain compared to those... ;)
  5. Yeah ... and get this ... Barneys NY ordered a number of these Croc bags (the S/A showed me the list)!!! I guess they figured that they would sell more of these than the Blue bags, huh?!?! :wtf:

    PS: For those of you who don't know, I was told by the Barneys S/A that they have not ordered ANY bags in the Blue colors ... I could NOT believe it!!!:shrugs:
  6. What?!? Are they insane?!? They are crazy not to order the Blueberry or Blue India!:wtf: And I have to say that I'm not too crazy about the Croc. esp at that price.
  7. yup, last time i was in Barneys BH, the sales person said they did not order Blueberry or Blue India!

    THat croc bag is way too stiff for my taste.
  8. it is croc... but it isnt my taste. I tried on the croc city at BalNY and wasn't impressed. not that I could afford it, but still, I think bbags look best in the slouchy, soft, delicious leather of the past...
  9. ITA mocean ^^ :girlsigh:
  10. I agree, Bbags signature smooshy leather definately fits me a lot more then a stiff corc looking bag.

    maybe im just broke. lol
  11. b-bags in stiff leather??? yikes!
  12. Actually, I saw the Caramel/Cognac Croc at Gretta Luxe (in early Spring) ... it was TO-DIE-FOR!! I have to say, this one was not stiff ... but the $$$ {price} ... THAT WILL MAKE YOU STIFF (as in a dead woman when you bring it into the house!!) - or - you need a stiff drink (as in "are you crazy????"!!).