2012 summer mini raok

  1. Refreshing the dates and guidelines:

    Please sign up here by May 6th 2012 to be included in the name drawing!!


    05/07 - Draw names
    05/31 - International shipping deadline
    06/06 - Same country shipping deadline
    06/15 - 06/17 - Reveals


    1. You must have a minimum 1000 posts.

    2. Must be a regular contributor to the HH forum - i.e., only sign up if you are a regular HH poster, please.

    3. Must know how to post a photo yourself - review Vlad's "How To Post Pics" and make sure your camera works. This is so everyone is familiar with posting pics because we'll be posting pics of our pressies!

    4. Price limit for the gift is $20-$25. $20 is NOT a minimum, but you should use your judgment for what the minimum should be - this does NOT include the shipping cost. Please try to stick to the $20-$25 limit.

    5. Gifts MUST be sent out by the pre-set shipping dates so we're sure everybody gets their present for the big unveiling.

    6. You must get a delivery confirmation, insurance, or other sort of tracking # and PM it to me or Jordanopolis (aka Luc) once you've shipped. It is very important that you PM the tracking number to me. I need to make sure everyone gets their package. Please keep me in the loop if you're going to miss the shipping deadline. I'm very flexible, but I need to make sure that all the packages arrive on time. Almost everyone is pretty good about this, but I wanted to emphasize it because it is really important.

    7. Upon receipt of gift, photos must be posted within the RAOK reveal weekend dates. Please contact me if this doesn't work for you and we can arrange another reveal date. This is so we know everybody is participating. It's not fair to your buddy if you do not post, so please make sure to include pics and a description when your gift comes.
  2. So sad that I won't be able to join in this one...have fun Hotties!
  3. One of these days I'll finally get my posts up to be able to participate. The reveals of the last one looked like so much fun!!! Enjoy, hotties!
  4. jc and nomoreroom I hope you guys can participate on the next one!!
  5. Was the theme decided? I've been away from tpf lately :tdown:
  6. YAY! What is the theme?

    We'll miss you JC, and nomoreroom, I hope you'll be in the next one!
  7. Most people voted for Favorite Color Theme! :smile: Four more days to sign up!!! If anybody wants to participate and didn't receive an invite, please let Fleur or myself know!! :biggrin:
  8. This theme is going to be so much fun. Though I am not sure how it works. Do we pick one universal colour for everyone to purchase or are we given a colour to buy? Should we have one of those neat list of questions to better know our giftee?
  9. Anna, we will have the questions, I apologize we never posted them, Fleur and I have been extremely busy with school! Through the questions we will know what each person's favorite color is and the buddy will buy things in that particular color. :smile:
  10. I added a link to my Pinterest account and my Etsy favorites to my Elfster wishlist. If anyone else wants to do the same, I'd love to browse through them :biggrin:
  11. That is genius! I will try to do that.
  12. My etsy favorites is sort of embarrassingly overflowing with baby clothes! EEEK!
  13. How to you add your etsy favorites & pintrest to elfster? Do you link it under your wishlist?
  14. Ok. I am in!!!
    Sorry for me delay and absence!!!
  15. Lu, I just tried and it worked. I added an item in my wish list on Elfster, copying and pasting the link to my pinterest.