2007 GRAFFITI-Let's get to know.

  1. I love this collection GRAFFITI.
    I am getting one of this yippie!

    Coming December.
    Graffiti Inspired from NY wall graffiti.
    Bow shape closure - tied to close.
    Soft hobo shape in print canvas material.

    The price $1250.00

    Bonus! picture of new precious piping.

    Picture of Graffiti, Lovely Bow and precious piping.
    Click to view larger.
  2. Thanks for the pics. I am not a fan of of the graffiti look. Chanel , to me, says timeless elegance, and graffiti just does not seem to have a place here. However, that's just my little opinion.
  3. I like the precious piping , agree w/ Rose on the grafitti though . plus , I wouldn't pay that much for a canvas bag , i'm very hard on my bags and I'd hurt a canvas one , I'm afraid . JMO .
  4. i love the grafitti bags they look so chic :smile:
  5. not a fan of graffiti, rather pay for something classic that i'd will wear until old
  6. I don't love these either :sad:
  7. hmmmm, not for me...
  8. hm, I dont really like them
  9. Maybe it's just me :smile: all my co-worker said I have such a strange love for Chanel bag.
    I think ...or maybe I have many of the classic bags already.
    If your lady don't like them, I think I should hold of until it will be on sale around June -July it should still available.

    Imo This bag Graffiti look like coach multi color logo.
  10. ^good idea. I bet these novelty bags are the first ones on the sale table.
  11. I'm not loving it. I expect more from a Chanel bag. Personally this is the bag I would see the street vendors carrying.
  12. :yucky:
  13. chanel. and coach in the same sentence? errrr. thread??! welps i dont care much for this line, it looks ehhhh... i never really like those hobo like shapes...really,,, young for me, and for me, thats pretty young
  14. I don't love it nor hate it.
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