2006 Spring

  1. This is a picture only reference to highlight the colors from the 2006 Spring Balenciaga Collection. This collection features raised brass hardware and a "Y" tag.
  2. 2006 Rouille Firsts

    rouille1-45v5w6vlo.jpg Rouille.jpg
  3. 2006 Emerald Twiggy
    2006 Emerald First
    ebay044pw4.jpg Emerald.jpg
  4. 2006 Cognac Purse
    2006 Cognac Weekender
    Cognac.jpg s39207453.jpg
  5. 2006 white first
  6. forgot to mention the pictures above weren't taken in 2006. it was taken 5 years after purchase, so you can see that it yellowed.
  7. Hi jag!
    Is 06 Emerald Agnue or Chevre leather?

  8. chevre Agenau leather didn't make an appearance until fall /winter 2007.
  9. Thank you keodi! I have a chevre!!! Yay!:yahoo:

  10. 2006 Rouille Work
  11. 2006 Emerald Work
  12. Emeralg Green First RH