2005 Caramel Shrug - BIN $449 or BO

  1. prices is GREAT!
  2. Oh man...I'm so tempted but
    I'm holding out for another Shrug...

    Oh Porro, where are you??
  3. I shouldn't have, but I won this for $399. That's good, don't you think?
  4. That is AWESOME! congratulations, Ronda!!!!
  5. I think that's a great price. Congrats!
  6. yippeeeeeeeeeeeee, congrats on a super-sweet deal Ronda-girl :wlae:
  7. It's my first shrug and my first caramel, so I think I'll enjoy it!
  8. Sweet!! :yes:

  9. Congrats, that's an amazing deal. It looks lovely...I don't see "very used" in these pics.
  10. I'll let ya'll know how used it is when it arrives!
  11. congrats!!!!!!!!!! great price!
  12. wow ronda... you got a great deal! congratulations!
  13. Congratulations on the win! If I saw it sooner I would have bid and given you a run for your money! Just kidding! Enjoy the bag!
  14. Thanks, everyone. I'll post pics when it arrives.