2005 Balenciaga Bags

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  1. Hi gals,

    I need to ask you experts out there..... what is so special about 2005 balenciaga bags that get sold for such a high price? Is the leather that good? Since I don't own any 2005 bbags so I don't really know... :shrugs:
  2. I've owned 2 Firsts from 2005 in Bordeaux and Caramel, both were pre-owned and very broken in, and I have to say the leather just IS that good. It's smooth and silky and feels thin without being flimsy. I've only owned one other bag, a City from 2006, which doesn't compare.
  3. Well ... I would say that anything from '05 and before had just SUPERB leather. The leather than didn't have all the *gloss* (shiny-ness) that the bags have now; the leather was thick and perfectly distressed. The colors (especially the brighter ones from '04 ... Apple Green, Eggplant, Rose, Lilac, Pistachio, Seafoam, Pumpkin, True Red) had perfect color saturation ... and they weren't DRY like the bright colors as of late. It's kind of hard to explain, but believe me, if you saw one of these bags "in-person", you would understand why they are so valued.
  4. All my bBags are from 05 except for one lovely 07, and the reason I fell in love with Bal is the 05 leather. They were dyed in a different manner, at least from what I've read, and the colors are often varigated, rather than flat. Like the others have said, it is almost consistently fabulous.
  5. I just got a bbag from a thrift store and don't know when it was made. Could you tell me how I can find out if it's an 05?
  6. You will need to ask in the Authenticate This thread. They can help you there. Take some photos of the tag inside, front and back. 05's have an A or a Z on the silver tag. Other seasons are different letters.. Some bags don't have the silver tag.

    You can learn more on the Reference section for Balenciaga here. Good luck.
  7. Thanks so much.
  8. I know 05 leathers and earlier ones are made of chevre leather... how about the ones made with chevre leather but later ones like 06?
  9. yes i would like to know that tooo also the chevre 07 too
  10. I believe the last season that was consistently chevre was s/s 07. I think the f/w 07 are either chevre or agneau.

    There is beautiful leather in all seasons. It varies from bag to bag even in the older bags. The difference might be that it seems that there are more bags with exceptional leather in the earlier years.

    I've seen breathtaking color and leather in every season. Best to see bags in person, and second best is to see many, many photos. HTH!