2004 Spring/Summer

  1. This is a picture only reference to highlight the colors from the 2004 Spring/Summer Balenciaga Collection. This collection features raised pewter hardware with a metal "C" tag.
  2. 2004 Orange Classique
    2004 Orange Purse
    2004 Orange Twiggy
    2004 Orange Classique
    Orange.jpg attachment-1.php.jpg pumpkin.JPG 04Pumpkin.jpg
  3. 2004 Seafoam Purse
    2004 Seafoam Classiques
    2004 Seafoam Twiggy
    124-2422_IMG.JPG Picture1 Seafoam.jpg DSC00651.JPG Green 3.jpg
  4. 2004 Grey Flat Messenger
    2004 Grey City
    2004 Grey Makeup
    2004 Grey City

    Note: The difference between 04 S/S Grey and the 04 F/W Grey is the hardware. Here, the bags have pewter hardware, and the F/W Grey bags had brass hardware. You can also see blue stitching in the S/S bags.
    Milly 032.jpg 04Grey.jpg 04GreyMakeup.jpg grey.jpg
  5. 2004 Yellow City
    2004 Yellow Classique
    2004 Yellow Hobo
    111-1157_IMG.jpg CIMG1582.JPG yellow2004003.jpg yellow2004004.jpg
  6. 2004 Red Classiques
    Red.jpg 04Red.jpg
  7. 2004 Green Twiggy
    2004 Green City
    2004 Green Classique
    Green 3.jpg green.jpg mysterygreen.JPG
  8. 2004 Dark Turquoise Classique
    2004 Dark Turquoise Cities
    Dark Turquoise.jpg dktur04.JPG Photo-0031.jpg
  9. Orange PH First

  10. True Red PH First