2003 Olive City

  1. gone! to a PFr
  2. wow that was quick!! I was looking at the auction and then it was gone
  3. wow that was quick!
  4. It looks like it needs a little TLC but that is a great deal!!
  5. Amour!!!!! I don't know whether to :Push: or :yahoo:... you're so fast!! Congratulations, what a great catch!! Fabulous!
  6. so funny. i kept hitting BIN but not confirming. i just couldn't decide if i REALLY wanted it. regardless it is a gorgeous color (leather -- of course)and i am glad you got it nhelle but if someone were here watching me, they would have laughed.
  7. WOW 'N' :nuts: . . . CONGRATS to this 'rare' Olive city from 2003 :flowers: ! You've found a special addition to your fantastic, amazing collection ;) - I'm so happy for you :yes: :love:

  8. Ohhh chi.... I think to 'see' you :lol:
  9. i picked up the bag at their store awhile ago....the leather is sooooo great...the handles needs cleaning though...but OMG this is such a lovely bag!!!! and I am very pleased with it....:heart:

    PS: while I am at the store, i stumbled upon the calvin klein python bag and bought it as well..it's so gorgeous!!! (the same bag that lindsay and jessica alba was seen toting)

    :yahoo: :heart: :nuts:
  10. Have you found any way to successfully clean handles? I have had no luck with anything.
  11. ^^ I'll try to have it restored and cleaned...but you know what the handles of the bag gives it a more vintage-y look that I like....:graucho: