2003 black first on ebay for $975 BIN

  1. I saw this auction; you can just tell from the pic how nice the leather is. If I did not have a black hobo, I would want this bag.
  2. Oh I think sweetsparkle wanted a black with silver hardware, I hope she gets this!!
  3. Oh, I know Sweetsparkle has mentioned this bag... but was it a City that she wanted??
  4. someone just bid and the BIN is gone.
  5. The seller might still accept the BIN...
    but who would do that? maybe it was a mistake?
    It was only $50 more!!?!?
  6. That is what I thought. I think I would have paid the $975 and guaranteed I got it.

    Edit : Do you mean why would the seller set a BIN for $50 more?

    I am so bad with ebay. I have only bought two things and generally paid the BIN if it was good and I really wanted it. So, as a buyer, I would have paid BIN.
  7. No, I mean why wouldn't the bidder just pay the 50?? What's $50 when you are already spending 925???
    Plus, now there's a chance the bag will go over 975.
    Weird choice.
  8. OK. That is what I was thinking. What I don't understand about ebay (and I have never sold anything) is that sometimes the BIN remains even though people are bidding. Maybe the bidder in this case thought that was going to happen here????
  9. It's because there is a reserve set and the bidding hasn't met the reserve price, therefore the bag is still up for a BIN.
    I remember wondering that once too!
  10. So once the reserve is met, then the BIN disappears?
  11. Yes, because it counts as the first "accepted" bid.
  12. The bid was retracted! BIN is back up ;)
  13. Disregard -- just saw new post above.
  14. They probably meant to BIN