2002 Black Flat Brass Classique on ebay from bertiebluebird

  1. gorgeous! and a good starting price too for a flat brass! but it doesnt have the longer strap?! :cry: thats my favorite part, still lovely though!
  2. Is "bertiebluebird" a PF member?
  3. seems like it doesn't come with it's original strap... which I lurve. :tender:
  4. no she isn't, but she's been selling nice authentic bags for a very long time.
  5. ^^Thanks for the info. I would also be really tempted if it came with the original strap.
  6. Hi Avery,
    I just spied this auction and thought of you! :yahoo: Yeah, kind of a drag about the strap...:Push:
  7. The lack of the original strap might lower the resale value of it considerably ... it certainly seems to make it less attractive to everyone who's posted here....
  8. I don't care about the strap, most people don't use the long strap anyway. It makes the bag hang down too low. But if you're buying it as a collector's item, not as a practical purchase, then the strap would really matter. IMO. I've never seen Sienna use any strap on hers.:girlsigh:
  9. Thanks! That's so sweet!:love: I am still dying for one, and this is super tempting, but after seeing beaux's perfect 2001 I don't know if I should just keep waiting...
  10. avery, how do you have the restraint?! :P
    i would have already set myself to bid on this one... sniper style! :wlae:
  11. it's cute... grab it girls!!!!
  12. Very nice! Good luck girls!
  13. i have to disagree on this.
    i used to think that i won't use the long straps, but it's actually great to use it especially when the bags is full, because it will be too bulky and uncomfortable to put the handle in shoulder. and it's easier to open and close the zips too when i use longer strap.
  14. I loove the longer strap... I let it dangle when not used, but also use it sometimes either on the shoulder (agree with seaH--it's easier to get things in & out when used this way), or across the chest, messenger style (great when on the run, or running errands etc, to keep both my hands open & not worry about the bag slipping off)

    Oh and, I'd put in a good word on bertie, she's a great seller! I never bought anything from her, but she answers all my questions (most are totally unrelated to her auction) and even send me extra pics on top of it. Great & wonderful to work with :yes: