20% off if you sign up for a Bloomies account Friday

  1. Bloomingdales is running a special promo where if you sign up for their credit card on Friday, September 7, you get 20% off purchases for the day including Chanel bags. It's a good time to treat yourself before prices go up; Bloomies has a pretty good selection.
  2. Great tip...thanks!
  3. Does it include jewelry and watches? Which Bloomies have Chanel?
  4. Good deal...too bad I already have one.

    bagsforme - Bloomies in Chestnut Hill, Ma. sells Chanel and some jewelry. I can't remember if I ever saw watches. I believe they are usually included.

    Other Bloomie locations w/Chanel can be found by doing a search under Bloomingdales.
  5. Do you have to sign up at the store or do you think if I did it online it would work too? No bloomies near me!
  6. Does anyone have a great SA at Bloomies that you can recommend? TIA!!
  7. Call Hasan Guresci (212-705-3456). He is very helpful and can assist you with any bag on the floor, Chanel or otherwise. He helped me with Chanel and Chloe today! Tell him Amanda from Colorado sent you...:smile:
  8. This is a great tip if you plan to pay off the bag right away. I closed my Bloomingdales charge (opened years ago) recently because Macy's took over and procedures changed. A finance charge is added to your very first bill. If you pay the bill in full then you don't have to pay the finance charge. If you don't pay the bill in full then you have to pay the finance charge. So beware, because the monthly finance charge on a Bloomingdales credit card is high, over 20%! I had a zero balance on my Bloomies charge back in May and bought a pair of Chanel sunglasses during the F&F event. I was really peeved when the bill arrived and a finance charge was applied since I had no prior purchases/balance. I called c/s to inquire about it because you're supposed to have 30 days to pay your bill in full before being subjected to finance charges... at least that's how my other CC's work. The c/s rep stated it's called a "discretionary finance charge" which both she, and her supervisor, refused to remove. It just didn't seem ethical IMO. I paid the bill in full and closed my account!
  9. I am so sorry to hear that. Maybe try contacting the corportate office? Is that legal for them to do so?? Any lawyers here?
  10. WOW. okay, contemplating getting the medium classic flap now. i'll be in hawaii though, and there are no bloomingdale's there : (. do you think i can apply for one over the phone? is that possible?
  11. So sad I didn't have time to plan for this!
  12. Thanks for head up. I applied CC for 20% & got the 226 dark silver. As soon my bag arrives, I'll have to pay off the CC.

  13. Congratz on the great deal!:tup:
    Enjoy your 226 dark silver reissue.
  14. Thanks for posting! I wish I had seen this before Friday. I definitely would have gotten a white jumbo! :crybaby:
  15. I just called and Bloomies is currently running 15% off when you open a card. Hasan was not very friendly and tried to rush me off the phone. I guess I'll try another SA. :confused1: