20% NMLC Bags

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  1. I put 4 bags on hold at NMLC in TX under Linda-- call Chelsea at 512-395-8810 x 2118 (she's there until 9)--everything in store is 20% off.
    There is also 40% off one item, today only (postcard came in mail for NM charge customers)--you could try for the 40%
    Not sure my pics will come out, so I posted the names/colors/prices.

    Black cross body paddy w/black hardware $1293
    Camel/whiskey Debbie(?) $1030
    Ecru (off white) Tracy $1170
    Blue Betty (chain handles) - $1000
  2. Thanx, llson:heart:....That black cross body paddy sounds yummy....
  3. Think you have to have the card for the 40%--maybe depending on the store??
  4. Thanks for taking the time llson :flowers::heart:

    None of the pics are showing up for me :confused1: Probably better that way -- I don't do very well with temptation :girlsigh:

    Thanks again!!! Hopefully tPFers will snatch these up :tup::heart: