20 Crazy Grammy Getups

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  1. Entertainment Weekly

    Paisley! Polka dots! Plants! See the wackiest, most shocking looks from music's big awards night
    By Dawnie Walton, Annie Barrett | Feb 05, 2008

    OK GO (2007) OK...where'd they go? Also, how do they breathe?

    JENNIFER LOPEZ (2000) The Grammy Awards' default ''shocking outfit'' let us in on the wonders of double-sided tape and served as a reminder of how endangered the (silk-screened) rainforests really are.

    ANTHONY KIEDIS (1993) Nothing on top, Kwanzaa gift wrap on bottom. Red hot, sir.

    IMOGEN HEAP (2007) Oh, are you a fan of nature?

    TONI BRAXTON (2001) Wow. It just looks so...uncomfortable. Where does the tape...? What if the wind...? I give up; the logistics of it are boggling. (Is that a mud flap?)
    ok-go_l.jpg Jennifer-Lopez-dress_l.jpg Anthony-Kiedes_l.jpg Imogen-Heap_l.jpg Toni-Braxton_l.jpg
  2. SEAL (1992) Yo ho ho, what do we have here? It's Seal, a full decade ahead of his time in Pirates of the Caribbean couture.

    ALICIA KEYS (2002) Alicia would've looked very cool and minimalist in a tank top and jeans, but somehow my grandma's nightie got all up in the mix.

    ELTON JOHN (2001) Finally, someone who knows how to match.

    CHRISTINA AGUILERA (2001) Elvira Jr. didn't exactly mop up the competition that night. But that fringed atrocity could have done a number on the floor.

    FOXY BROWN (2003) AND LIL KIM (1998) If you put their outfits together, you'd actually have one properly covered woman.
    Seal_l.jpg Alicia-Keys_l.jpg elton-john_l.jpg Christina-Aguilera_l.jpg foxy-brown-lil-kim_l.jpg
  3. MICHAEL PORTNOY, A.K.A. ''SOY BOMB'' (1998) You have one moment of glory, with millions of eyes glued to your every move — and this is what you write on your chest? ''Go Giants'' would've been more inspiring.

    BRITNEY SPEARS (2001) Mmmm...rainbow sherbet!

    MISSY ELLIOTT (2002) Slumber party after the show!

    SHERYL CROW (2005) Look, if you want to be on Dancing With the Stars that badly, all you have to do is tighten up that wrist! Or, you know, just ask.

    EARTH, WIND, AND FIRE (2004) Shouldn't the cutoff year for them getting away with dressing like this have been (very generously) somewhere in the early '90s?
    Bob-Dylan-Soy-Bomb_l.jpg britney-spears_l.jpg Missy-Elliott_l.jpg Sheryl-Crow_l.jpg earth-wind-and-fire_l.jpg
  4. GLORIA ESTEFAN (1989) Pretty standard Gloria fare; we just thought it deserved to be highlighted... with a beige marker.

    TERI HATCHER (2006) Little Bo Peep goes dominatrix, and I go dead inside. Boy shorts!

    It's a Russian nesting doll come to life*! *Maybe.

    STING AND MARY J. BLIGE (2004) Wait, why is he wearing navy knee socks?! Snuffy and Big Bird sure did grow up to be weird.

    It's Bootsy, baby! What else did you expect? Rowr!
    gloria-estafan_l.jpg Teri-Hatcher_l.jpg linda-ronstadt_l.jpg sting-mary-j-blige_l.jpg Bootsy-Collins_l.jpg
  5. People.com did the same feature. (I'm only going to post the ones not already mentioned.)

    2005: JOSS STONE

    Instead of blossoming at the Grammy Awards, Stone wilted in this busy Petro Zillia gown that's more bedsheet than hippy-chic.

    2003: GWEN STEFANI

    With No Doubt's win that year for best pop performance, Stefani might've been feeling hella good – but she looked hella bad in wacky white tails and thigh-high boots.

    2002: SHERYL CROW

    Crow's a big Grammy winner (with nine awards), but in '02, the singer was a fashion loser, sporting what looked like a bathrobe over her honky-tonk boots and Daisy Duke shorts.


    Before her transformation into a metalhead in Wicked Wisdom, Pinkett Smith got all wrapped up in her Grammys outfit – apparently leaving half her dress at home.
    joss_stone.jpg gwen_stefani.jpg sheryl_crow.jpg jada_pinkett.jpg
  6. OMG, this post is hilarious...I don't remember seeing a lot of those get-ups..but what were they thinking?!?
    I remember seeing Imogen Heap's outfit last year and going :shocked::wtf:
  7. I love Christina. She looked like Bo Derek that year.
  8. Awww c'mon! Look at those furry boots!! :graucho:
  9. ^ lmao!

    I actually quite liked Jennifer Lopez's outfit. :shame: - it suited her. :yes:
  10. Bootsy Collins is awesome!
  11. I like it, too!
  12. People.com added some more . . .

    Grammy Stars' Wildest Looks

    When it comes to outrageous fashions, nobody gets crazier than musicians. To get warmed up for the Grammys, take a peek at some nominees' wildest getups, and cast your vote: Do their daring styles work, or should they play it understated?

    Past Grammy winner Aguilera is an expert at creating outrageous outfits. Need proof? Check out the sky-high platinum-blonde wig she wore at the MTV Europe Music Awards in November (left) and the festoon of fuchsia feathers at August's MTV Video Music Awards.

    Did Elliott go directly from the golf course to the MTV Video Music Awards? As mom Pat told PEOPLE, the now-svelte multiple Grammy nominee (and winner for her song "Work It") is still a fan of "that baggy look."

    At an L.A. party in December (left), P!nk (who won for her song "Trouble") flirted with her girly side – a turnaround from her getup at the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards (right), where she played tough with faux skin art and combat boots.

    No look is too outlandish for OutKast, Andre 3000 (shirtless and blond at a 2002 concert) and partner-in-rhyme Big Boi (at August's MTV Video Music Awards). The team won album of the year and best rap album for the double disc Speakerboxxx/The Love Below.

    Jack White (with bandmate Meg White) must have watched Superfly while deciding on his natty ensemble for the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards. The band's disc, Elephant, won best alternative album this year.
    Christina Aguilera 2.jpg Missy Elliott 2.jpg P!nk.jpg Outkast.jpg White Stripes.jpg
  13. In a colorful tribute, Knowles honored reggae legend Bob Marley on her figure-hugging minidress during a New York City show in June. "I like to tell young people there's nothing wrong with curves," the singer, who won five Grammys this year, told PEOPLE.

    The soul singer took a rest from teetering on her stilt-like platform boots while filming a video in Brooklyn in August 2002. A rep for Badu, who was nominated for best female R&B vocal performance for "Back in the Day," told PEOPLE her unique style is "ever evolving."

    Lavigne – nominated for her song "I'm with You" – reminded us at last year's Grammys just how much she likes to rock, using the li ning of her Mutoa-Little jacket as a message board. And she carries on the rock tradition with a fashion nod to a veteran: top-hatted Guns 'N Roses guitarist Slash.

    At a New York soiree celebrating the release of her La Bella Mafia album the petite Lil' Kim showed off her bling-bling and plenty of skin. The Grammy nominee (for her duet with Christina Aguilera, "Can't Hold Us Down") completed her flashy look with a floor-length fur coat.

    Fashion sometimes hurts – just ask Twain, a double Grammy nominee (for best country album and best female country vocal performance). "It was hard getting into the boots," the singer told PEOPLE about her 2003 American Music Awards look, which included a dominatrix-esque Givenchy couture gown.
    Beyonce.jpg Erykah Badu.jpg Avril Levigne.jpg Lil' Kim.jpg Shania Twain.jpg
  14. Me too! :girlsigh:

    I like Joss Stone's dress too-- it suits her personality. I also Christina's pink feather dress, too. It was a little too OTT with the laced up sandals, cheeto tan and caked on makeup, but if it was a little longer and she toned down the rest of the look I think she could have pulled it off :shrugs:
  15. i don't even know where to start.