2 Very Different Bags But I Only Want One!


Which one should i get?

  1. Monogram speedy 35

  2. Marc jacobs mia

  3. Get both!!

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  1. Should i just get both? I really just want a everyday purse that will look good with sweats and a t shirt or dressed up. I feel like i'm comparing apples to oranges but since i like these 2 purses for the same purpose which one should i take?
    mj.jpg speedy.jpg
  2. it really truly depends on whether you prefer shoulder or handbags.

    i loooove my speedy. love love love it. but i also can't stand bags on my shoulder. so. yeah. it's really personal preference. :smile:
  3. I don't care as long as it looks good i love shoulder and hand bags equally
  4. i feel that the speedy will be more versatile and go with a lot more outfits (although i may be biased by the fact that i adore LV :love:)
  5. Undoubtedly, everyone here on the forum loves the Speedy. (I even caught the fever and got 2 this week). So I don't think anyone would tell you not to get it. The LV is definitely a classic. But the MJ is new and I don't think as many people have it (which is also exciting to me). So it depends how you feel right now. Do you want a nice classic bag (that many people have -- which isn't a bad thing). Or do you want a newer trendier bag and be one of the first?

    Good luck. They are both very nice! :smile:
  6. not really a big fan of LV but the speedy will last u more yrs cuz it's a classic.
  7. Get both!!!
  8. I say get both :biggrin:
  9. Moe, I have that exact Marc Jacobs bag. I love it to death! I get compliments on it all the time. Plus it has this handy spot for me to find my cellphone. Yes it is hugggggggggeeeee inside. I got it at the MJ store in LA last month.
  10. I think the Speedy is a classic--I'm not a fan per se because of the sag factor. But it's a great bag. I'm not as big a fan of that MJ and I love MJ bags usually. Have you seen it in person? It's nice, but I didn't think it was worth the $. But that's just my 2 cents.
  11. Did you get it in the nutmeg color aswell?? i noticed they had it in black, white, and green. I love green so was wondering if the green was a nice color in person.
  12. I agree wih the price on the MJ aswell I paid about $250 more and bought a stam with gorgeous suede linning and this one reminds me alot of the Coach hobos and they are under $400!!! On the other hand i don't think the picture is doing the MJ bag any justice.... ah you know me miss indecisive.
  13. I think the Speedy would be more versatile.
  14. Go speedy !
  15. Get the speedy if you haven't got one yet! It's a must have bag!:biggrin: