2 Sets Of LV Twins..hehe!!(and No Stretchmarks...rofl!)

  1. Thanks to a dear friend that I adore...Damier Sophie arrived this AM....and now joins her Mono Sophie twin in my closet...2 sets of Lv twins now..in the last year...LOL!

    I ADORE the Damier version..I live in my mono Sophie and this will be perfect for travel!!!!!SO HAPPY!:yahoo:

  2. I hate you, lol Gimme those bags, all 4 babies!! Lookin good Jill. congrats
  3. Love them all, especially the damier sophie!

  4. Wowie, I am in LVOE with every single item in that picture. :drool:

    All are so absolutely gorgeous.

    Congrats on everything!
  5. Looks great on you.. Congrat's on all 4 :smile:
  6. congrats!
  7. LOL..great feeling ha? congrats, the Damier looks so HOT on you.
  8. Lovely! Congrats!
  9. im drowning in a puddle of drool :drool:
    oh i wish you can clone them and send them to me!:love:
  10. ack! i am so jealous! you have two sophies, and i have none. :crybaby:congrats! damier sophie looks so good on you! enjoy her!
  11. Wow! I so want one of the mono Sophies! Spill it! How did you manage to get this?
    Love your bags- congrats!
  12. These are the set of twins that I could definitely handle! Fab! Enjoy and you wear her well!
  13. You are such a lucky girl. They are sooooo nice.
  14. awesome, Jill, simply awesome!!
  15. OMG Jill.. you lucky girl ! :graucho: