2 quick questions

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  1. Hi,

    I just joined today and loooooooove Hermes bags. I don't have one yet but someday I will:yes:

    My first question is....i keep looking at eBay for bags and there is a seller on there that seems to have an unlimited supply of birkins. How does he/she have so many? I called Hermes and they said that they don't have resellers, nor do they sell seconds or displays. The seller has awesome feedback and sells bags from $5K to $60K.

    Second question......have you ever seen the Miel Crocodile Birkin with palladium hardware? I saw one today IRL and am assuming that it's fake because I can't find one online.

    Thanks in advance for your help and I look forward to lusting after H bags with you.
  2. Welcome!

    There is a list of recommended resellers in the shopping section.
  3. Welcome!!!

    1. its possible. some reputable resellers have connections to get the the Hermes bags. but because they are difficult to obtain. thus the high premium.

    2. it's possible. almost any combo is possible in hermes. especially through special order.
  4. Welcome! Best of luck on your first purchase. The first is soooo sweet!
  5. Welcome fortheloveofbag. Rose is right; you can rely on the list of recommended rsellers.
  6. fortheloveofbag, you can start small, with a twilly, bracelet, small leather something, and work your way up to that Miel Croc Birkin.
  7. Thanks ladies. I'm really trying to educate myself so when I do eventually get one, I know what I'm getting. I don't think I'll be getting a croc one anytime soon.

    MillStream, I hear you. I think I might get a Twilly to start.
  8. :welcome: Welcome! I bought my very first Birkin after thinking about it for years and talking about it for almost as long. I chose a very wonderful reseller who is on the recommended list and is a TPF member. It couldn't have been a more terrific experience. She was so informative, lovely and helpful. Although I didn't get the Hermes boutique experience, I don't feel I missed out one jot - I actually felt really privileged that serendipity led me to someone who was so passionate about Hermes and provided individualised service just as I was finally ready to take the plunge with buying a Birkin (which happened to be on a Saturday night - now which boutique is going to open for you then?!).

    Good luck with your research. This place is amazing. I started coming here as a bag lover with a yearning for Hermes but not much knowledge and very quickly made friends, discovered a wealth of experience, information and advice that you'd never find anywhere else and got to distract myself from work on a regular basis. What could be better?!
  9. Well said, Miss Sooky!
  10. Thanks Miss Sooky. I think I will be the same. I will talk and talk and then ponder some more before I take the leap.

    My DH went to Hermes today to see what all the fuss is about and he mentioned to me that he thought I would like the Kelly better.

    The SA (Angela) spent a lot of time explaining all of the details of the bag and he was blown away. He was especially blown away that people keep these bags as heirlooms and hand them down to daughters, etc.

    He understands now why I want one of these awesome bags.

    Thanks again.
  11. Welcome!! And may I say congratulations that your DH is already on the hunt as well!!