2 Questions: *Tanning bed solution & *Eyebrow threading

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  1. Hey Ladies! I have 2 questions I need answered.

    1. [Kinda TMI but whatev] I have been breaking out on my backside and I believe it is from tanning. I dont think its the place I go, I always see them cleaning the beds and stuff, but maybe I am just allergic to the solution? Does anyone know what tanning beds typically use to sanitize or what I can use/bring with me as an alternative? I would really appreciate it!

    2. My eyebrows are a PITA. They are very very thin, and SUPER straight horizontally. I am letting them grow back in so I can get them ARCHED, but should I wax like I normally do or get them threaded? I've read that they hurt about the same and both are around the same price. I've only gotten my brows waxed at 2 different places, both asian nail salons, and I've never been like "WOW!", always just "Eh, nice." There is a kinda upscale mall by my work where they do threading, so I was going to go there to get it done and its only like $11. I am terrified that they will mess up my brows though!!! :shrugs: Any suggestions/recommendations?

    Any help is appreciated! Thanks everyone!!
  2. I don't do threading, so I can't address that.

    I went tanning a few times when I lived in the Midwest, so I'll try that!

    As to breaking out, maybe it is the product you are using? A lot of those lotions they sell are super oily. Also, it could be clogged pores from the heat and sweating. I don't think that they use anything odd when cleaning- I believe it is just disinfectant. If you mean backside as in butt only, try wearing a bottom (I always did anyway). If it is the whole back and you are using some product, I bet that is it. You can always buy a body clearing wash/bar soap too.
  3. I mean butt/thigh/back of legs area bc it sweats soo much lol. I thought about wearing a bottom but then I dont wanna be tan everywhere but there LOL

    Thanks for your advice, I appreciate it!
  4. One of my best friends had this same problem. She ended up buying those facial cleansing pads... I can't think of what exactly they are called, but I think you know what I mean, and wiped herself off after she got out of the bed. I know you are supposed to let the lotion sink into your skin, but if you are possibly breaking out from it, I would get it off ASAP. As for the threading... I am no help... never have done it.
  5. That happened to me as well when I was using the tanning bed. Have you ever switched sides?

    example, if your session is like 20 minutes you can do 10 minutes on your back and 10 minutes on your stomach.

    what i dont like about tanning is that you have to wait a few hours before you can shower and sometimes Im so sweaty and gross.

    As far as the solution, it smells like disinfectant or something. I smelled it once when they were getting a bed ready for me.
  6. On the note of threading - I'd highly recommend this in your case over waxing. Why? When you wax, you slab on the wax with a popsicle stick, then a strip is placed over. Usually at this point, the waxer really pushes and massages the strip in - but where does the wax go? It doesn't stay in place. It goes all over and the waxer can't see it and then she rips of it off. That's why you're half gone.

    With threading, it's done a little at a time, and the threader can actually see what she's doing, as well as the immediate affect of what's she doing - and she can also compare one brow to the other. The result is a much more balanced brow that's shaped more to the threaders intention. :smile:
  7. I haven't used tanning beds in like 10 years so I don't know what the beds are like now. I do know there used to be stand up booths and you wouldn't have to lie in anyone else's sweat or worse. Also if you are tanning without bottoms on, I suppose others are doing the same thing. I would bring lysol or something similar with me and wipe it down before you use it. I do the same when I go to the gym.

    As far as threading, go for it. It's quick and relatively pain-free. It is more precise than waxing.
  8. Another vote for threading here! It's more precise than waxing, and if you're looking for a defined arch this is definitely the way to go!
  9. About the tanning question:

    1. Do you wear a tanning lotion? If you do then that might possibly be the cause because I once tried a tanning lotion and it was all nasty and oily. Ick.

    2. Do you have a fan blowing while you tan? That might be the cause of sweat which may be the cause of the bumps. Most tanning beds should have fans in the little rooms so you don't get too hot while tanning.
  10. Thanks for the advice. I was thinking the same thing!!

    I think I will! Thanks to both of you!

    I do use the fan. However, when I close the bed I can't feel it as much as I need to.
  11. Omg thats so weird that you suggested that! I picked up some last nite b4 I even read this. I picked up the stridex pads. They are supposed to work really great! Thanks!
  12. I hate that feeling. Like if you can't shower right after wards. And I HATE the smell of a tanning bed with a passon [After you get out!]

    I usually only go for 10 minutes. Otherwise I get too hot and its like a bathtub in there with all my sweat LMAO.

    I tend to only go tanning when I can shower soon afterwards. Its not worth me smelling like crap!!
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