2 Pfers went to SAKS...LOL.....

  1. and I found the CUTEST little Prada wallet on a chain(evening bag for my South Beach trip this weekend!!!)...SJUNKEY and Jill went out yesterday to Saks...OK..and for a few drinks...LMAO...Had a blast with her!!!
    Saks had this metallic wallet on a chain and it was only 495 plus tax..LOVES!!!!
    Chain comes off too..its super cute worn messenger style..PERFECT for my South Beach trip this weekend!:nuts:
  2. PS- I use DONNA at Saks in BALA,PA....she is a fab SA
  3. This bag is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous! Jill, you always pick up the best. Love it!!!
  4. The wallet is fab!
  5. I love the chain on that, such a great bag for a night out. I recently got the small wallet in that same finish and it's fab, very glam.
  6. Wow!
  7. Love it Jill!!!! Send us pics of your South Beach trip hehehe!!!!
  8. jill- love the idea of wearing it messenger! such a great price too!!

    congrats its stunning!!
  9. Great minds think alike, aye Jill? :graucho:

    Funny though, I thought I was getting such a good deal on the keycase/cosmetic bag because Prada had moved away from the gold saffiano this season. Obviously not!!! For once in my life I'm not only cheap, but actually in season. :roflmfao:

    Great price on that BTW. :tup:
  10. cute!
  11. LOL!! Yes Donna is awesome!!! This looks so hot on yah JIll, better get those shoes now!!!!!!
  12. There for a sec I thought you meant Saks in NY and I was thinking "and you didn't call me??"
    Enjoy S. Beach -- perfect bag for So. Fl. !!
  13. omg it looks fab
    could you model it? please I wanna see how you can wear it ...doesnt it look too small...how long are the chains??
  14. Im in the airport on my way to MIAMI with Jillybean!!!!South Beach girls weekend!!
    (wearing it too!LOL!)..Ill post model pics when I get back!!!!
  15. i love it!