2 new scarves to share

  1. These 2 are my recent purchases, I have a few more that I want that have not come to my store yet. Just some eye candy to share.

    I really love the Jardin one, you really can't help noticing more and more details as your eye pass by.

    The red carre, I may want to make it a wall piece for my new home, just like in the stores.

    I don't know what I want to do for the Jardin, I don't want to wear it, I just want to keep looking at it and it's not suitable for my wall.
    hermesbox.jpg carre.jpg Jardins1.jpg Jardins2.jpg Jardins3.jpg
  2. Fantastic scarves!! I love the jardin one, so gorgeous, the detailing is immense!
  3. lovely scarfs. I love the jardin scarf, but think I'm not yet ready for this stile :push:

    I love your projets in white/red. I'm still waiting for my store to get in the projets in the black/orange colorway.
  4. congrats to you fabby scarves:smile:
  5. beautiful scarves, congrats
  6. Congrats on both...The Jardins scarf is one of the most amzing scarves in recent memory..
  7. Those are gorgeous! I especially like the red carre. ;)
  8. Both are really gorgeous scarves. :heart:
  9. Lyanna, congrats!
    don't you love the textured look of the Projets scarf?
  10. wow, those are beautiful
  11. :tup: Congrats! Lovely scarves!
  12. there lovely
    I really like the red one what name is it please
  13. The jardin scarf is gorgeous!!!! :heart:33333
  14. I have no words. The Jardin is just f-ing AWESOME! I love how detailed it is, and that colourway is fab. Any chances there may be more around?
  15. CONGRATULATIONS! I have one of them :p