2 new little somethings, 1 of them unexpected :)

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  1. So...I have gotten 2 new lovely little somethings :smile:
    One of them was totally unexpected.

    The boxes however are quite big....
  2. I guess we'll save the unexpected and start with the other one :smile:
    This is something I thought of buying for a while but when I heard this one was coming out, I waited.
  3. This one gives it away...
  4. So exciting!
  5. It's the Jungle TP 26 :smile:

    I just love the red of the interior (and the leaves)

    I also like that the sides are not printed (seen some different opinions about this)
  6. On to the next more unexpected buy :smile:
  7. This is somewhat harder to guess...
  8. It's the multicolore cosmetic pouch, I just accidently stumbled upon it in the store, my SA was looking for something else in the drawer and opened that dustbag.
    Well ofc I had to have it. :smile:


    From the side:

  9. So that was that!
    I really love both of these accessories and especially happy that I stumbled upon the cosmetic pouch, very cute and probably the last chance to get one.
  10. Both are beautiful! But that cosmetic pouch makes me a little bit jealous :P

  11. Thanks! It's such a happy print, it makes me smile. :smile:

  12. Thanks ;)
  13. Great choices. I managed to grab the MC cosmetic pouch in noir a couple weeks ago too, and also very tempted by the tp26. Enjoy your lovely new pieces :smile:
  14. Lovely items, congrats on finding the MC cosmetic pouch!