2 more days to LV in Las Vegas

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  1. and I have lots of ideas but I am a bit confused on what to get. So, I am going to need your help- My first thought was a black MC speedy, but I already have a black Mc petite noe. Then the neverfull is out now so I was thinking maybe the GM, groom pouchette wallet, vernis cles and another accessory?, then I kept seeing the pic of Paris Hilton with the perfo speedy (don't like her, but love the bag) so maybe the perfo speedy in green and neverfull GM.
    I want to keep the max amount around $2000
    Any other suggestions? I am not to crazy for damier or epi.

    I have a speedy 30
    montsouris backpack
    MC trouville
    MC petite noe
    panda pouchette and florentine
    MC agenda
    groom cles
    make up bag

    Thanks for your help. I wish there was a PF hotline that I could call when I am in the store, I know it's going to be hard to choose.
  2. I like the Neverfull & The inside is really cute to.
    I used to really love the mc speedy but i'm not as sure now...
    What about something LE?

    Have a great time!!
  3. GM Neverfull is huge. Maybe an MM would be better? But, I suppose it's based on what you'll be carrying in it. For another accessory, how about an inclusion keychain?

    By the way, while you're in Vegas, go see the Cirque du Soleil Beatle's Love show at the Mirage. It was fantastic!!!
  4. id get the neverfull and a cute vernis accessory. i doubt you would be able to find a new perfo speedy or anything groom
  5. ^^^neverfull and vernis get my vote too...lucky you...
  6. I agree, Neverfull and an accessory. It will be really hard to find perfo and groom now. Plus the perfo speedy is kinda like your mono speedy 30.
  7. I vote for Neverfull.

    And enjoy the rest of your time in Vegas.
  8. I think the neverfull and a vernis accessory would be a great pairing!! HAVE FUN IN VEGAS :biggrin:
  9. vernis accessories, and groom for sure. i can't stand those neverfulls. so flimsy and "old" looking. like a bag lady (not us kind of 'bag ladies') would carry if it were a different material.
  10. In my experience, something totally unrelated to anything you've thought of before will scream your name when you walk in the store. It's happened to me many times. I go in to lv totally prepared (even with an actual list) and end up leaving with something I never thought I would like. Just keep an open mind and the SA's are really good about showing you things they think will look good on you. Have a great time!

  11. haha, yep! We need a hotline, I can see John answering it and then referring to the correct person... that's great! The numbers could spell daLVenablers; actually instead of a real person, we could have a computer generated voice that just says.

    Do it, just get it, you won't regret it. And, for further assistance, dial John....
  12. What about a vernis bag? I'm thinking pomme Houston or Brentwood, and there'd be money left over for an accessory. Hmm, maybe I'm thinking about what I want.... no, seriously I have a perle Brentwood and I want a pomme bag now too, hard to imagine you would not love it!!
  13. Go for a classic shoulder bag, not the latest trend. I have a cabas piano and a grand ellipse. Both are super comfortable to carry, roomy buy not oversized, and elegant.
    Have a great trip!
  14. I think we will have to see this show. I have heard great things about it. Thanks for the advice.
  15. i would go for the perfo speedy and some nice accesories
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