2 keepalls at once too matchee matchee?

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  1. Hi all.. I've recently picked up at beautiful fantastic keepall 55 with shoulder strap. I love it. I wanna keep it forever. :heart:

    I find, however, that it's way too big to swing around everyday like a "man bag". I'm considering breaking down and buying a keepall 45 because of its practical, manageable size (and I love the shape).

    I like the idea of the shoulder strap on both bags. I'm afraid that when I travel and carry both bags, It will look silly to have matching (shoulder strapped) keepalls in two different sizes.

    Should I consider getting the 45 without the strap so that they look a little different?

  2. I think it's ok to have the same bag in different sizes....people won't be looking at them matching, they'll be looking at your great bags!!! :yahoo:
  3. I think it's fine (preferable, actually) to have matching luggage, but as a practical matter, I can't imagine carrying two Keepalls around on my shoulder. I have a Keepall 50 (with strap) and I'm about to buy a Pegase 60 suitcase to go with it... an easier combo for travel, IMO.

  4. i think its totally fine to have matchy matchy bags! especially a keepall! now i want some. :p
  5. if i were travelling i wouldnt want it any other way!!! itd look tacky if it werent matching!
  6. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  7. i think it's LUCKY LUCKY!!!
  8. Yup. Totally ok to have two of the same bags in diff sizes like everyone else said. Congrats!
  9. I think it would look great even if your two bags were identical. I love the keepalls.
  10. Congratulations.
  11. Get the one with the strap then you always have the option of taking it off if it is more comofortable to carry one on your shoulder and one in your other hand. I think two matching keepalls would be hot.
  12. Do not buy a keepall without a shoulder strap, don't make that mistake. Nothing wrong with having 2 keepalls, just always get the ones with the shoulder strap. I say this from experience
  13. thanks for comments!

    Can't stop thinking bout that keepall 45. Such a great man-bag. Guess I gotta get it.
  14. I agree - they actually SHOULD match.
  15. agreeed ;)